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Refer your friends to SOCRadar. When your friend from another company gets 12 months of free XTI access, you will receive a $25 Gift Card* for every referral.


Bring more friends to our community and get more!


*Restrictions apply see,

Refer a Friend

How it works?

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Invite A Friend

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Please fill out the form and share the information of the friend you want to invite from another company. Please remember to let your friend know that we will be contacting him/her.

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Free XTI Access

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Once your referral gets free XTI access on SOCRadar by clicking on the email link, everything will be ready for the reward. Your referral should send a request with a business email address.

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Get Reward

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When your friend joins SOCRadar, you will receive a $25 Gift Card*. More referrals, more rewards.

*Invite A Friend program and offer are only available to exist SOCRadar Free Edition users.

Turn your referrals into
unique rewards.

Refer a Friend and Get Gift Card*


We invite our current Free Edition users to join our Invite A Friend program today. If you refer a friend from another company and your referral gets 12 months of free XTI access, we will share a $25 Gift Card*. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, and you will receive an Gift Card* for each friend you refer.

Get rewards by recommending SOCRadar

It’s time to spread your SOCRadar experience to your friends/ colleagues.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can invite any friends from another company who has not yet launched their free access to Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) on SOCRadar and can currently log in with a business account.

There is no limit for you to refer your friends. You can direct SOCRadar to all business accounts around you or to your connections that you think will benefit.

When filling out the form, be sure to enter the business email address of the person you invite and fill in all the information thoroughly. And please remind your friends that we will contact you. Your friends should fill out the form by clicking the link in the email. Otherwise, Gift Cards* will not be issued retroactively.

*Restrictions apply see,

We will send emails with your suggestion and gift status. You will receive a $25 Gift Card* when your referrer gets free XTI access to SOCRadar. You will receive a further notification email from SOCRadar that your Gift Card* has been sent.

*Restrictions apply see,

We do not track referrals to your account if they do not use the referral link when they sign up.


Invite your friend to join SOCRadar and get unique rewards.