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Attack Surface Management

Gain visibility into your ever-growing attack surface.

Think Like a Hacker, Defend Like a Pro

You do not want your security posture to be poor when things dynamically change in your organization’s digital environment. Track your digital assets in real time and know your attack surface and protect them from cyber attacks.

Thanks to SOCRadar’s EASM advanced continuous monitoring algorithms, you gain enhanced visibility and context for your current and future attack surface without manually providing your asset inventory.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats with Proactive Monitoring

Get continuous visibility into vulnerable software, exposed sensitive information, third-party software, expired SSL certificates, DNS records, undiscovered cloud assets, and more with SOCRadar external attack surface management.

Explore SOCRadar’s External Attack Surface Management and meet with the easiest way to take a proactive stance against malicious activities.

See What Hackers See in Your Digital Footprint

Discover your external-facing digital assets

Maintain an accurate, continuously updated and complete view of your external attack surface.

Identify hacker-exposed vulnerability risk

Get alert when a critical vulnerability is cross-referenced to your exposed software assets.

Level up your infrastructure monitoring capabilities

Spot threats early by keeping track of your public-facing DNS, Web and SSL infrastructures.

Shadow IT discovery

A key benefit of our service is the detection of Shadow IT – the unknown, unmanaged, and often unsecured elements in your network. 

By bringing these hidden aspects to light, we enable your organization to preemptively address vulnerabilities, maintain stringent compliance, and uphold the integrity of your operations.

Join forces with us and experience a transformative approach to cybersecurity.

Digital footprint

Every organization leaves a unique footprint – a trail of digital interactions, assets, and vulnerabilities in the digital world.

Your digital footprint is more than just a trace; it’s a critical aspect of your cybersecurity profile. 

We thoroughly explore and secure each component of your digital footprint, identifying exposed assets and hidden vulnerabilities in various platforms, including external databases and cloud services.

Attack Surface Management

SOCRadar’s External Attack Surface Management (EASM)  services help users gain additional visibility and context regarding the severity of unknown external-facing digital assets in an automated manner.

Our EASM solution provides security teams with direct visibility into all internet-facing technological assets in use and assets attributed to IP, DNS, Domain, and cryptographic infrastructure through advanced internet-wide monitoring algorithms.

SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Attack Surface Management SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Attack Surface Management
Discover Your Attack Surface
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