Cyber Threat Intelligence 2021/08/23 – 2021/08/29

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Dark Web Insights

  • 1 GB of Data Belonging to Puma Available on Marketo
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  • ShinyHunters Threat Group Makes Their Return
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  • Personal Data and Docs of Swiss Town Rolle Available on the Dark Web
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Critical Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerability Allows Remote Hacking of Annke Video Surveillance Product
  • CVE-2021-3711 in OpenSSL Can Allow to Change an Application’s Behavior CVE-2021-3711
  • Realtek SDK Vulnerability Exploitation Attempts Detected
  • Cisco Issues Critical Fixes for High-End Nexus Gear

Trending Threat Actors

  • FBI Shares Technical Details for Hive Ransomware
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  • Fin8 Using an Updated Backdoor
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  • US Media, Retailers Targeted by New SparklingGoblin APT
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  • Ragnarok Ransomware Releases Master Decryptor After Shutdown
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Important Cybersecurity News

  • Cloudflare Says It Stopped the Largest DDoS Attack Ever Reported
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  • Microsoft Warns About a Widespread Phishing Campaign Which Abuses Redirector Links
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  • Critical Azure Cosmos DB Bug Allows Full Cloud Account Takeover
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