Cyber Threat Intelligence 2021/10/25 – 2021/11/01

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Dark Web Insights

  • Acer Suffers Another Cyber Attack Within Weeks; Hackers Warned of More Vulnerable Servers
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  • Culpeper Woman Arrested in Dark Web Murder-for-Hire Plot
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  • Dark HunTOR: 150 Arrested, $31 Million Seized in Major Dark Web Bust
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Critical Vulnerabilities

  • Emergency Google Chrome Update Fixes Zero-Days Used in Attacks
    CVE-2021-38000 | CVE-2021-38003
  • Microsoft Found Shrootless Bug in MacOS That Could Bypass System Integrity Protection
  • BillQuick Says Patch Coming After Huntress Report Identifies Vulnerabilities Used in Ransomware Attack
  • WordPress Plugin Bug Impacts 1M sites, Allows Malicious Redirects

Trending Threat Actors

  • Babuk Ransomware Decryptor was Released to Recover Files for Free
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  • North Korean Lazarus APT Targets Software Supply Chain
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  • SolarWinds Nobelium APT Targets Tech Resellers in Latest Supply-Chain Cyberattacks
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  • Chaos ransomware Targets Gamers via Fake Minecraft Alt Lists
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  • Graff Multinational Jeweler Hit by Conti Gang
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Important Cybersecurity News

  • New ‘AbstractEmu’ Malware Roots Android Devices, Evades Detection
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  • Crooks steal $130 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency Assets From Cream Finance
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  • Teen Rakes in $2.74M Worth of Bitcoin in Phishing Scam
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