SOCRadar vs Recorded Future

Cyber threat early warning system

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that provides Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and External Attack Surface Management for an affordable price, then your choice is SOCRadar. Unlike its competitors, SOCRadar’s false-positive free platform helps companies proactively defend themselves against cyber incidents. SOCRadar is empowered with strong AI algorithms and a highly talented analyst team, together they eliminate false positives.

Recorded Future


Unified solution for SOC teams
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • External Attack Surface Management
●●● ●●○
Integrations with leading security solutions ●●● ●●●
Easy to understand pricing and integration model ●●● ●●○
Full control over pricing based on the size of attack surface ●●● ●○○
Full security stack integration
●●● ●●●
Multi-tenant management support
●●● ●●●

Cyber Threat Intelligence

IOC enrichment and investigation tool ●●● ●●●
Vulnerability prioritization insights and intelligence dashboard ●●● ●●●
Local deep web hacker forum monitoring ●●● ●○○
Historical threat intelligence data - big data ●●● ●●●
Real-time threat actors / APT groups feed tracking ●●● ●●●
Local customized threat intelligence feed ●●○ ●●●
Third-party company monitoring
(5 companies)
●●● ●●●

Digital Risk Protection

Proprietary dark web collection ●●● ●●○
Active phishing monitoring with full lifecycle identification, blocking, and takedown ●●● ●○○
Dedicated threat takedown team with broad international experience
  • Integrated takedown*
●●● ○○○
BEC and account takeover fraud prevention
  • Combolist
  • CC
●●● ●○○
Third-party library vulnerability detection ●●● ●○○

External Attack Surface Management

Critical asset exposure discovery and vulnerability detection ●●● ●○○
Full suit SSL security monitoring
  • Automated SSL certificate discovery
  • Expiry monitoring
●●● ●○○
Automatic SSL certificate grading and monitoring ●●● ●○○
Advanced phishing detection
  • Real-time phishing domain detection
  • Phishing subdomain detection
●●○ ●○○
* Phishing-domain takedown (5 credits)
* This information is compiled by using public data.

SOCRadar features:

Unified solution

All-in-one solution for Cyber Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and External Attack Surface Management.

Power of automation

Skyrocket security team efficiency by reducing mundane tasks.

False-positive free

Strong AI algorithms and a highly talented analyst team eliminating false positives for you.