Dark & Deep Web Monitoring

7x24 monitoring of malicious activities targeting your organization.

SOCRadar provides a thorough Dark & Deep Web Monitoring solution that enables organizations to identify and mitigate threats across the surface, deep, and dark web. Using our unparalleled reconnaissance capacities and threat analysis, we deliver actionable intelligence to help you proactively secure your organization. The fusion of automated external cyber intelligence with a dedicated analyst team enables SOC teams to take control of the outer world beyond their perimeters.

Proactively identify threats

Empower the inevitable part of your cyber defense mechanisms with the ability to identify and neutralize threats at the very beginning of the cyber kill chain.

Enhance your threat hunting capability

Uncover the dark web which notably presents a challenging landscape for threat hunting due to its anonymous nature and basic difficulties in forcing regulations.

Get proactive against a variety of malicious activities

Continuously monitor the common forums with many sub-forums split into different categories which are well-divided for trading of a broad variety of malicious activities such as botnets, malware, data dumps, exploits, hacking as-a-service, remote access and PII trading.