Gain 360° visibility into industry-specific threats.

Organizations in the energy industry will likely continue to be a prime target for state-sponsored APT groups given the soaring global demand for energy and dwindling natural resources and its lateral impact on geopolitics. For the energy sector, other areas of concern are the protection of vast amounts of customers’ data through the digitisation period with the distributed asset portfolio across IT and OT environments. Understanding the changing dynamics of digital transformation is the key to defense against the laser-focused cyber threats emerging from evolving digital attack surface. SOCRadar helps you keep pace with today’s ever-evolving threat landscape through AI-enabled actionable intelligence tailored for your industry by accurately monitoring surface, deep and dark web in a continuous manner.

Detecting sensitive data

Get alerted on compromised credentials and other sensitive data belonging to your organization, C-level people and customers to prevent brand reputation and financial loss.

Industry-specific threat reports

Focus on relevant threats, APT groups and TTPs through actionable, industry-specific intelligence reports providing custom IOCs specifically encountered in your industry.

Supply chain visibility

Take control of your evolving attack surface and gain a far-reaching visibility into adversaries’ perspective to safeguard your customers, employees, supply chain and overall business ecosystem.

Holistic approach

Maximize the impact of your investment with SOCRadar’s innovative approach combining external attack surface management, cyber threat intelligence and digital risk protection enabled by big data and automation.


Avoid the results of non-compliance by scanning millions of data points to accurately identify the leakage of personally identifiable information (PII) enabling timely data breach notification, in compliance with GDPR regulations.