Protect your customers, agency channel and entire business ecosystem with actionable threat intelligence.

Digitalization effect is beginning to be felt across the insurance industry. The products, services and even the entire business model equation is changing with new variables. Digital technologies are giving rise to ever-increasing amounts of customer data and insights however the threat actors are at the gate seeing the industry as a juicy target in the age of data protection regulations like GDPR. Understanding the dynamics of digitalization and running-on-data model is the key to safeguard against the laser-focused cyber threats emerging from evolving digital attack surface. SOCRadar helps you keep pace with today’s ever-evolving threat landscape through AI-enabled actionable intelligence tailored for your industry by accurately monitoring surface, deep and dark web in a continuous manner.

Dark web scan

SOCRadar's fusion of its unique dark web Recon technology with the human analyst eye achieves further to provide in-depth insights into financially-targeted APT groups and threat landscape.

360-degree visibility

Achieve digital resiliency by maintaining internet-facing digital asset inventory. Significantly accelerate this process by automated discovery, mapping and continuous asset monitoring.

Data privacy compliance

Monitor millions of data points on clear, deep and dark web to accurately identify the leakage of your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Detect and takedown phishing domains

Prevent phishing attacks before happening by analyzing newly-registered domains and Certificate Transparency logs to detect lookalike domains impersonating your brand. Initiate takedown with one click.

Supply chain visibility

Take control of your evolving attack surface and gain a far-reaching visibility into adversaries’ perspective to safeguard your customers, employees, supply chain and overall business ecosystem.