Minimize the impact of threat actors.

Integrated takedown service.

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SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection platform’s Integrated Takedown module is designed to act rapidly and minimize the impact of threat actors on your brand reputation and cyber security posture by utilizing its worldwide contact network to request removal. SOCRadar’s trained takedown analysts consider several aspects for initiation ranging from the geographical region where the illegitimate content is hosted to the type of evidence for submission to speed up the takedown process. Remove the procedural hurdles by taking advantage of SOCRadar’s integrated service.

Takedown categories:

  • Fraudulent domain
  • Phishing page
  • Brand abuse
  • Pharming IP
  • Fake mobile app
  • Impersonating social account
  • Malware infrastructure

Integrated Takedown

Initiate rapidly

Just one-click to initiate the process upon detection.

Status tracking

Monitor the takedown progress on the portal.

Global reach

Takedown globally to protect your global operations.

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SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.