Outsmart mobile application threats.

Better protect your customers and brand.

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The mobile platform is an increasing target for threat actors and nation states considering the richness of compromised data and possibility of financial gain. Consumer-facing businesses such as banking, entertainment/gaming and retailers are the most common targets amongst adversaries who are innovating and adapting to find ways for staying undetected and avoiding the removal from the stores. Through AI-enabled threat data collection and classification algorithm, SOCRadar enables you to identify mobile application threats to protect your customers and prevent threat actors from damaging your brand.

Rouge Mobile Applications

Identify convincing fakes

Monitor App Store and Play Store to detect apps mimicking your brand.

Detect Cybercrime-as-a-Service

Closely monitor dark web banking trojan authors and webinjection vendors targeting your customers.

Uncover hidden apps

Keep an eye on alternative channels on the web used for malicious app distribution.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.