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123 Countries

150K Companies

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800K Users

What is BlueBleed ?

SOCRadar's in-house cloud security module detected multiple misconfigured servers containing sensitive data,
including Azure Blob Storage, Amazon AWS S3 Buckets, and Google Buckets. The six largest buckets of those leaks are collectively called BlueBleed.


Learn How?

SOCRadar did not index the actual data of the bucket. It only indexes the metadata (file names, email addresses, domain names, etc.) to explore if the bucket impacts any SOCRadar customers. Upon Microsoft’s request, we temporarily suspended any Bluebleed queries in our Threat Hunting Module. All other search queries are still available. We will re-review Microsoft’s request and reconfigure Bluebleed query results if necessary. If you see your company domain name as [ DETECTED ], please contact MSRC to get more information about your case.
SOCRadar Blog Post about Bluebleed Case

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