SOCRadar LABS is a new and developing platform which informs users about existing and possible cyber threats with the help of several cyber threat intelligence services.


SOCRadar's in-house cloud security module detected multiple misconfigured servers containing sensitive data, including Azure Blob Storage, Amazon AWS S3 Buckets, and Google Buckets.

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Deep Web Report

The Deep Web Report service lets you search your domain in deep web. With this service, you can see the domain related deep web leaks.


External Attack Surface

Get direct visibility into all technology assets facing the internet with SOCRadar's advanced internet-wide tracking algorithms. Gain visibility into hackers’ perspective.

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Account Breach

The Account Breach service lets you search your domain or email address in a breach database. With this service, you can see whether your account is compromised or not in the past.

Full Featured Tools

SOC Tools

SOC Tools are the next generation tools to investigate the everyday incidents like phishing, malware, account breach, etc. These tools are built on SOCRadar bigdata platform and includes machine learning and advanced behavioral analytics.

Dark Web News

Dark Mirror

The DarkMirror service allows you to follow the news on the dark side. The most up-to-date and important dark web news is at your fingertips. The most up-to-date and important dark web news is at your fingertips.

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VPN Security

The Vpn Radar Service calculates your vpn security with several tests and different criteria

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The SOCRadar Research team closely monitors cyber incidents around the world. They analyzes these incidents that affect more than one company or affects more than one country and defines it as a campaign. In the cyber world, the attackers never stop and new fluctuations happen all the time, affecting thousands of companies.