SOCRadar LABS is a new and developing platform which informs users about existing and possible cyber threats with the help of several cyber threat intelligence services.

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Deep Web Report

The Deep Web Report service lets you search your domain in deep web. With this service, you can see the domain related deep web leaks.

VPN Radar

The Vpn Radar Service calculates your vpn security with several tests and different criteria

Account Breach

The Account Breach service lets you search your domain or email address in a breach database. With this service, you can see whether your account is compromised or not in the past.

IP Reputation

The IP Reputation Service allows you to make a search to find out if your IP or IP block is among any blacklist.

DoS Resilience

The DoS Resilience Service allows you to check your domain's or subnet's resilience against DoS attacks such as slowloris attack etc.

APT Feeds

The APT-Feed service provides you with data of the latest IOCs of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups. Data is designed to be integrated into various systems in your organizations' network perimeter devices.

Phishing Radar

The Phishing Radar service generate possible words from your domain name and search those words in all domain name databases to detect domain spoofing and phishing.


The DarkMirror service allows you to follow the news on the dark side. The most up-to-date and important dark web news is at your fingertips.

External Attack Surface

Get direct visibility into all technology assets facing the internet with SOCRadar's advanced internet-wide tracking algorithms. Gain visibility into hackers’ perspective.

Email Threat Analyzer

E-mail threat analyzer services helps can detect either an e-mail is scam or not. Analyze your e-mails in seconds.

Email Security Grader

Email Security Grader performs passive and active checks which techniques used in cyber attacks. Afterwards, it completes its work by making checks on threat intelligence.