Dark Mirror

Let’s Have a Full Awareness of the Dark Web with Convenience!

Dark Mirror is a SOCRadar Labs service that is powered by SOCRadar’s flagship product, XTI. Although it’s been a free service, the intelligence workflow supporting that service is simply the human-machine hybrid approach that SOCRadar has been perfecting for the last four years. Dark Mirror is a digestion of all the important Dark Web news from various places that are trending for threat actors like hacker forums, black markets and also instant messaging platforms like telegram, ICQ, and discord. This service is crucial for you to take advantage of that continuously updated source for discovering the threats on your landscape. (Industry, Country & Region) Immediately finding out and taking action after an incident regarding your area of interest occurs. You can even utilize this service further by joining SOCRadar’s free access, which also includes this service as the “Dark Web News” module, where you can create automation with the filters you chose to establish a precise and full awareness over the Dark Web.

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