SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | 6 Benefits You Can Expect From Your Next Digital Risk Protection Solution


Nov 09, 2019
2 Mins Read

6 Benefits You Can Expect From Your Next Digital Risk Protection Solution

In case of a cybersecurity investment, it’s not always possible to satisfy the board by repeatedly saying “better safe than sorry”. Boards want to witness an understanding of the big-picture involving operations and financials as well as technological advantages.

Cyber attacks affect all businesses and it is now a board-level agenda item. Handling the cyber attacks is an “entire business” issue, affecting every team within an organization. For obvious reasons, it is also an operational issue rather than just a technical issue. When a breach is detected, it is crucial to respond comprehensively and immediately, or it may expose the organization to greater liability.

To ensure immediate time-to-value, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence solutions need to provide operational and financial benefits in addition to its proprietary technological values.

Here is the list of operational benefits you can expect from them:

Easy POV

SOCRadar is a cloud-based digital risk protection platform so -without any hassle- by running a Proof-of- value (POV) process you can see easily for yourself the value the platform adds to your cybersecurity posture.

Immediately operational

Hitting the ground in hours, discovering, monitoring, and alerting without requiring any information forms to be filled.

Reduce licensing costs by asset optimization

Upon doing POV, choose from the discovered assets only you want to monitor and to reconcile license costs with real needs.

Zero impact on existing infrastructure is always a plus

Running on the cloud and zero impact on endpoints and the network. No implementation or deployment hassle.

API capabilities

Export threat intelligence data to consume elsewhere across your security organization, increasing the efficiency of your overall cybersecurity infrastructure.

Professional security services to calling when needed

Working with clients to identify and remediate threats, helping them build in-house cybersecurity skills and expertise.