VIP Protection

Identifying threats for your key C-level executives.

Your organization’s CEO, CFO and other key executives are primary targets for threat actors who try to use their name, image, and personal web appearance to target them and their business network. Continuously monitoring for exposed personal data or impersonation of key executives can limit harm in both the cyber and physical spheres. SOCRadar allows security teams to search and monitor critically important personal email addresses of C-suite people whether it’s indexed somewhere in the growing database of major worldwide breaches that may be sought by your adversaries.

Preventing the CEO Fraud

Detect compromised credentials of the key executives which can be used for impersonation to intercept usual money transfers to other people inside the company or third parties such as suppliers.

Protecting PII & Credit Card details

Monitor also for PII, SSNs or credit card details of C-level people inside your organizations for any unwanted breach or underground trading on the dark web.

On-Demand HUMINT power when needed

Benefit from SOCRadar's HUMINT services where experienced analysts will handle the risky situations which may have a great impact on brand reputation or result in financial loss.