Phishing Domain Detection

Analyzing registered domain names globally for fakes and look-alikes.

AI-enabled SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection platform analyzes millions of domains across most major domain registrars to detect malicious domains targeting your brand and entire business network. Alerts are triggered whenever anything changes on the detected suspicious domain. Machine learning algorithms allow SOCRadar to analyze a vast collection of domain data to unveil lookalike domains. At the same time, real-time alerts will enable you to get notified before your domains and SSL certificates are expiring keeping your digital presence secure.

Taking HTTPS phishing into perspective

SOCRadar not only analyzes registered domain names for fakes and look-alikes but also tracks them whether they get an SSL certificate. That can also be a significant sign of attack initiation.

Protect your customers against phishing

Detect potentially fraudulent domains and websites that will enable threat actors to perform a wide range of attacks such as wire transfer fraud, phishing and scams against your customers.

Integrated and comprehensive takedown service

Completing the protection offering, one-click is enough to initiate takedown requests without any additional legal and procedural burden to security teams. SOCRadar provides on-demand takedown services for phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse sites.