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Supply Chain Intelligence

Evaluate the Security Posture of Your Entire Supply Network

45% of organizations worldwide will experience software supply chain attacks by 2025 (Gartner). Secure your supply chain before it’s too late!

Values of the Supply Chain Intelligence

See, Analyze, Secure: Navigate the 50 Million+ Company Cybersecurity Landscape

Gain crystal-clear visibility into your entire supply chain with SOCRadar Supply Chain Intelligence. SOCRadar empowers informed decision-making by providing rich insights on over 50 million companies across hundreds sectors and 249 countries. Access a wealth of detailed information, including the latest cybersecurity news, 3rd Party Assessment Reports, popularity rankings, and cyber exposure levels.

Streamline Supply Chain Management with SOCRadar's Automated Detection and Recommendations

SOCRadar automatically identifies all third-party environments connected to your company. With coverage exceeding 50 million companies, SOCRadar maps your entire supply chain and recommends which entities to prioritize.

Easily add recommended companies to your watchlist for in-depth analysis. Stay proactive and maintain a secure digital ecosystem with SOCRadar’s comprehensive third-party environment management.

Strengthen Your Risk Management with SOCRadar's Data-Driven Assessments

SOCRadar’s Supply Chain Intelligence Module enables you to leverage advanced scoring systems generated through sophisticated algorithms. Cyber Exposure Level and Popularity Score. Popularity Score automatically updates when a company is added to our database. The Cyber Exposure Level is calculated upon generating the first company assessment report, creating a dynamic foundation for your risk management strategy.

SOCRadar’s data-driven scoring approach enables you to:

  • Gain preemptive insights: Identify potential risks before they materialize.
  • Enhance risk evaluations: Make informed decisions about your third-party relationships.
  • Simplify ongoing monitoring: Focus your resources on the entities with the highest risk profiles.

The Popularity Score comprehensively evaluates the company’s online influence and  popularity, considering company size, dark web mentions, online reputation, social media presence, and company assets such as employee count, domain strength, and IP infrastructure.

The Cyber Exposure Level is the SOCRadar valuation, which results from considering the three main pillars of information technologies (Human, Process, Technology) with three factors corresponding to cyber intelligence. SOCRadar scans the surface and dark web during calculations, evaluates the exposure possibilities that may arise from the Internet surface,  and combines them with the dark Internet from hackers’ perspectives.

Prioritize Security with Tiered Groups and Customizable Alarms

SOCRadar’s supply chain intelligence solution utilizes tier groups as a cornerstone of our priority intelligence requirements approach. To focus your security efforts on the suppliers that matter most, pinpoint the suppliers essential to your business operations and strategic goals and classify them into three tier groups, each corresponding to specific alarm configurations.

The tiered group structure helps you to direct your resources and attention toward suppliers posing the most significant potential risk.

Your supply
chain is only as
strong as its
weakest link

Take control of your supply chain with SOCRadar Supply Chain Intelligence

SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Supply Chain Intelligence SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Supply Chain Intelligence
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