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Analytics Board

Analytics Board

See it all, analyze it deeply: Visualize Supply Chain Intelligence with analytics dashboard

Optimize your third-party risk management with the Analytics Board. Gain real-time visibility into cyber threats and your supply chain network

Gain real-time visibility into the ever-evolving global cyber threat landscape

SOCRadar’s supply chain intelligence simplifies tracking the global cyber threat landscape. With our Attack Timeline visualization, you can gain instant awareness of worldwide attacks, be informed about emerging threats, and enable proactive security measures within your supply chain.

Drill down into threats with attack timeline visualization

The Attack timeline allows you to define specific timeframes to analyze trends within a relevant period. You can view all attacks globally or filter by your third parties to pinpoint vulnerabilities within your supply chain network. You can apply additional filters based on country or attack type for a more granular analysis. You can click on any date within the timeline to access detailed information, providing a deeper understanding of the events.
With Attack Timeline, you can proactively manage cyber threats by focusing on the most critical information, ultimately safeguarding your entire supply chain ecosystem.

See your entire supply chain at a glance: 3rd party radar

SOCRadar automatically detects your entire third-party ecosystem. Our  3rd Party Radar chart provides a clear visual representation of your associated companies, categorized by geographic location. The chart also presents recommended companies for further evaluation along with your watchlist.

Simply click on any company within the radar to access detailed information.