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SOCRadar is always on the move. Let’s connect at these upcoming cybersecurity
conferences, regional sales events, and virtual talks.

SOCRadar’s End-of-Year Report: An Incident Responder’s/Threat Hunter’s Perspective

Join us for an exclusive cybersecurity event, “SOCRadar’s End-of-Year Report: An Incident Responder’s/Threat Hunter’s Perspective,” where industry leaders will share invaluable insights into the evolving threat landscape. Explore the latest findings from SOCRadar’s comprehensive End-of-Year Report and...

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Dark Matters Webinar Series: Supply Chain Attacks in APAC

SOCRadar invites you to join our informative on-demand webinar titled “Supply Chain Attacks in APAC,” part of the prestigious Dark Matters Webinar Series. This on-demand webinar recording aims to comprehensively understand the current state and emerging trends...

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Cyber Shadows of 2024: Unlocking Cyber Shadows of 2024: Are you aware of your Digital Attack Surface?

In the on-demand webinar series ”Unlocking Cyber Shadows of 2024: Are you aware of your Digital Attack Surface?”, which we conducted with SOCRadar and Helios Design. Join experts from SOCRadar (Rajeev Mathur and Tuna Dabak) and Helios...

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Dark Matters / Decrypting Ransomware in APAC: New Normal for Businesses

In this informative on-demand webinar, our esteemed speakers delved into the complex world of ransomware and focused on the unique challenges faced by businesses in the APAC region. The on-demand webinar aimed to uncover the complexities surrounding...

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Evolution of Ransomware Attacks - Russia & Ukraine Cyberwar

Ransomware’s Critical Impact on Cybersecurity   Ransomware attacks have evolved, especially in the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, as threat actors continue to find ways to expand the reach and profitability of their operations. The ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)...

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How to Leverage CTI4SOC for Your CTI Use Cases

During this on-demand webinar, our moderator discussed how to use SOCRadar’s CTI4SOC to solve famous use cases such as threat hunting and research, vulnerability prioritization, and geopolitical intelligence. You can access our optional webinar by filling out...

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