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Dark Web Monitoring

Illuminate Dark Web Threats
for Proactive Protection

Protect your business from the dangers lurking in the hidden corners of the internet. Dark Web Monitoring equips your enterprise with three extraordinary superpowers:

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Fraud Protection
  • Dark Web Search Engine

Your One-Stop Dark Web Solution

Your organization is a treasure trove of valuable information — financial records, personally identifiable information, and much more. It’s your responsibility to protect this data, which means extending your surveillance capabilities into the dark web.

Values of the Advanced Dark Web Monitoring

Advanced Dark Web Monitoring: Your Digital Periscope

Advanced Dark Web Monitoring is vital to your organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure, providing a comprehensive overview of potential risks in the dark web ecosystem. This feature offers real-time monitoring capabilities, tracking Personal Identifiable Information (PII) exposures, and identifying threat actors and malicious activities. The service aims to facilitate proactive decision-making, enabling organizations to mitigate risks before they escalate into severe security incidents.

Track Stealer Logs: Keep tabs on unauthorized data transfers and activities.

Detect PII Exposures: Be the first to know when your employees’ or customers’ personally identifiable information is compromised.

Dark Web Channel Monitoring: Stay updated with what threat actors discuss about your organization.

Fraud Protection: Defense Against Financial Crimes

Experience a whole new level of financial security with our Fraud Protection feature! This service rolls out the red carpet of cybersecurity for your C-level executives with VIP Protection. Armed with real-time tracking and cutting-edge alert systems, Fraud Protection enables your company to act with lightning speed against unauthorized transactions and exposures. Say goodbye to financial vulnerabilities and hello to unparalleled financial integrity!

Stolen Credit Card Tracking: Immediate alerts if your business or customer data is found in illicit credit card dumps.

VIP Protection: Protect your C-level executives by monitoring their personal information for suspicious activities.

Dark Web Search Engine: Ultimate Dark Web Compass

Meet Dark Web Search Engine, also known as the “Google of the Dark Web.” This is your ultimate compass for navigating through the hidden corridors of the internet. Using state-of-the-art search algorithms and highly customizable news feeds tailored to your industry or region, reveal potential threats with laser-like precision. Think of it as your high-tech radar, pulsing through the digital landscape, enabling your organization to spot and neutralize risks before they even reach your perimeter.

Dark Web News: Curated news feeds give about the industry or country-based intelligence you need, exactly when you need it.

Dark Web Search: Search for keywords, IP addresses, emails, domains, hashes, and URLs for simple and effective threat hunting.

Overcome Dark Web Risks in Your Industry

Different industries face unique challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. Equip your organization with SOCRadar’s Advanced Dark Web Monitoring to specifically counter the threats inherent to your sector.

Educational Institutions

Boost student data and academic research security with advanced monitoring.

Healthcare Providers

Secure healthcare records and stay HIPAA-compliant with our all-in-one Dark Web Monitoring, Fraud Protection, and Threat Hunting services.

Financial Services

Cover your financial data from fraud to insider threats with real-time alerts and contextual intelligence.

Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

Preemptively identify threats against national security and confidential data.

Research Institutions

Safeguard your proprietary research and intellectual property.

Insurance Industry

Get proactive cybersecurity on customer data to confidential business analytics.

Ready to fight
against dark
web threats?

By leveraging SOCRadar’s Advanced Dark Web Monitoring, you are enhancing your cybersecurity measures and elevating your organization to the forefront of dark web threat mitigation and data protection.

SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Advanced Dark Web Monitoring SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Advanced Dark Web Monitoring
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