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Brand Protection

Stay one step ahead of threat actors with actionable intelligence alerts.

Reinforce Your Security Team with Brand Protection

Empower your security teams for brand protection from being discredited, legal trouble, and your intellectual property falling into the hands of malicious actors. SOCRadar’s Brand Protection Services helps organizations check the exposure of their sensitive data by regularly monitoring the surface/dark web and other sources like Telegram channels.

Uncover the Cyber Risk Landscape

By automatically monitoring black markets, IRC channels, social media, hacker forums, cloud buckets, and more, SOCRadar’s Brand Protection Services always helps security teams stay informed about emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and supply chain risks.

SOCRadar Brand Protection (BP) Services proactively guard against phishing scams by detecting suspicious activities concerning your digital assets, identifying compromised credentials, and facilitating the takedown of fraudulent sites.

Learn more about how SOCRadar’s Brand Protection Services may help institutions learn about sensitive data sold on the dark web, source code or data leaks, compromised passwords, and data breaches.

Get a Digital Peace of Mind

Compromised Credentials Risk

Detect compromised credentials belonging to your employees and customers to prevent breaches.

Typosquatted Domain Risk

Identify new typosquatting, look-alike and phishing domains that impersonate your brands.

Proactive Credential Stuffing Protection

Empower your existing login security mechanisms to prevent hackers from stealing your customer’s trust.

Social Media Risks

Discover data leakages, mentions and discussions about your organization in real-time with.

Unknown Data Exposure Risks

Detects any piece of sensitive data belonging to your company across thousands of web sources.

Credit Card Fraud Risks

Enhance your credit card fraud prevention mechanisms with AI-powered intelligence at scale.

Rogue Mobile Apps

Prevents malicious intent to appear legitimate and performs unauthorized or harmful activities on a user's mobile device.

Brand Protection

SOCRadar’s Brand Protection is based on industry-leading instant phishing domain identification, internet-wide scanning, and compromised credential detection technologies by aggregating and correlating massive data points into actionable intelligence alerts.

It enables cybersecurity, fraud and risk management teams to swiftly and effectively understand how particular cyber threats have evolved through digital transformation and what to do for risk mitigation.

SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Brand Protection SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Brand Protection
Protect Your Brand Reputation
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