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Surface Web Monitoring

Surface Web Monitoring

Stay ahead with proactively scanning ever-expanding surface web.

Master your digital domain with SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring. Discover and address hidden cyber risks on widely accessible websites and platforms.

Vigilant Surveillance of the Open Internet

In the ever-evolving and expansive digital world, SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring offers a critical layer of protection. This feature actively scrutinizes websites and online platforms that search engines index, serving as a vigilant watchtower. It doesn’t just identify source code leakages; it uncovers a wide array of vulnerabilities and exposures that often slip through the cracks of conventional security measures.

Far-Reaching Monitoring for Unseen Threats

SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring serves as an omnipresent guardian, scanning the digital landscape for threats that emerge from the most unexpected places. This vigilant service detects everything from misconfigured cloud storage to unauthorized publication of sensitive intellectual property.

Combat Rogue Mobile Apps with Precision

Beyond its extensive monitoring capabilities, this tool plays a vital role in combating rogue mobile apps. These deceptive apps might seem harmless but often engage in unauthorized or harmful activities on users’ devices. SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring identifies and blocks these deceptive apps promptly, ensuring mobile device security and user safety.

Instant Insights for Proactive Risk Management

SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring is not just about surveillance; it’s about providing actionable insights in real time. It empowers organizations to respond swiftly to risks like exposed sensitive information or the misuse of intellectual property across the open web. This immediate intelligence is pivotal for organizations aiming to proactively address and neutralize emerging threats.

Your Digital Footprint’s Watch Guard

As your digital footprint expands, SOCRadar’s Surface Web Monitoring acts as its guardian. By continuously scanning publicly accessible digital spaces, this feature ensures that your organization’s online presence is not only visible but also secure. It identifies and addresses vulnerabilities, thereby preventing potential cyber incidents that could stem from overlooked digital exposures.