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3rd Party Companies

3rd Party Companies

Illuminate the hidden corners of your supply chain network, foresee and proactively address potential threats before they strike.

Gain complete visibility into your third-party ecosystem. Identify potential risks and ensure the security of your supply chain.

Manage third-party risks with confidence

Blind spots in your supply chain leave you vulnerable to cyber threats. With SOCRadar, gain complete visibility across your entire ecosystem. The 3rd Party Companies empowers you to closely monitor high-priority companies with your watchlist and gain insights into all third-party companies within our extensive database. You can leverage advanced insight through risk scores for each company. Additionally, download past assessments and initiate new ones.

Transform your supply chain security approach from static to dynamic

Experience the impact of theSOCRadar Supply Chain Intelligence dynamic and proactive approach. SOCRadar constantly scans the ever-evolving threat landscape for potential vulnerabilities within your supply chain network, including monitoring news feeds, security alerts, and industry trends related to your suppliers and their locations. And Empowers you by real-time intelligence: generates comprehensive and up-to-date security reports related to your 3rd party company, offering deep insights into their operations and cybersecurity posture.

An in-depth look for maximizing the potential

All detailed information about companies on your watchlist is at your fingertips. The company detail page presents the company’s general information, previously generated reports, the latest news about the company, alarm activities, etc. You can make data-driven decisions about your supply chain ecosystem and proactively manage potential supply chain risks.