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Global Trends

Global Trends

With SOCRadar’s Global Trends, you have the power to proactively manage cyber threats and ensure the continued smooth operation of your entire supply chain ecosystem.

Gain actionable insights from global cyber attack trends. Global Trends empowers you to identify threats and prioritize security measures for a proactive defense.

Global insights for a secure supply chain

In today’s interconnected world, countless cyber attacks occur daily, some with the potential to disrupt your supply chain network. SOCRadar’s Global Trends informs you about all cyber attack activity worldwide, including ransomware attacks and defacement incidents. Gain actionable insights by analyzing attack trends by week, month, or year. Focus your security resources on critical points and protect your supply chain from potential disruptions by analyzing the distribution of attacks across different countries and sectors.

Uncover hidden insights

Our AI-powered news analysis goes beyond the headlines. Each article is enriched with AI Insights, revealing key takeaways and targeted mitigation strategies. With a single click, gain the knowledge you need to make timely decisions and proactively address cybersecurity threats.

Fine tune your search

Our powerful search option lets you find news articles based on company, domain, or title. You can easily refine your results using filters for score, news type, and date. You can keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news relevant to your specific third-party companies or conduct targeted queries based on industry or region for a holistic view of the cybersecurity landscape. With company-specific news articles, you can delve deeper into incidents, developments, and potential security risks associated with individual organizations.