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May 10, 2024
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Alleged Europol Breach by IntelBroker

[May 11, 2024] Europol made an announcement confirming the breach and added details.

[May 11, 2024] Europol data is allegedly sold to an unknown buyer.

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, allegedly fell victim to a data breach on May 10, 2024, exposing highly sensitive information and classified data. The alleged breach claimed by the threat actor “IntelBroker”.

Europol data breach post by the threat actor

Europol data breach post by the threat actor

The threat actor IntelBroker of this alleged breach, a key member of the CyberNiggers threat group, is also known for the HSBC breach in April 2024 and the Zscaler breach earlier this week.

What type of data was compromised?

The allegedly compromised data includes many sensitive materials ranging from alliance employee information to FOUO source code, PDFs, documents for reconnaissance, and operational guidelines. The breach not only poses immediate risks to the security of Europol’s operations but also raises concerns regarding the potential exploitation of the exposed information by other malicious actors.

Europol, known for its role in coordinating cross-border law enforcement operations, is entrusted with maintaining the security of sensitive information crucial to combating various forms of criminal activity across Europe. However, this alleged breach can be a sign of the vulnerabilities within its cybersecurity infrastructure, prompting urgent calls for enhanced measures to safeguard against future incidents.

Among the agencies within Europol affected by the alleged breach are the CCSE, EC3, Europol Platform for Experts, Law Enforcement Forum, and SIRIUS. The infiltration of these entities can disrupt the ongoing investigations and the compromise of sensitive intelligence shared among international law enforcement agencies.

Has Europol made an announcement about the breach?

Europol made an announcement about the alleged breach and confirmed the web portal was breached, but no operational data was stolen according to BleepingComputer.

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