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Apr 11, 2022
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Android Banking Malware Octo Allows Remote Control on Infected Devices

A banking trojan Octo has been discovered, downloaded from the Google Play Store, and targeting banks and financial institutions. It is thought to have been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Expressed as a new version of Android malware that emerged in 2018, Octo allows threat actors to remotely access mobile devices.

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Thousands of Android Devices Could Be Compromised By Octo

The most crucial feature of Octo is that it offers a comprehensive remote access module. The malware, which can perform many operations on the victim’s device without being noticed, can also follow all the actions on the infected device.

Octo can access other apps on the infected device.
Octo can access other apps on the infected device. (Source: ThreatFabric)

Remote access trojans have become more common lately. Embedded in a trusted application, this malware allows easy access to all logged-in accounts and sensitive data. For this reason, it bypasses protection methods such as multi-factor authentication.

Embedded in Trusted Apps

Threat actors re-release the malware by installing the “.apk” files they download from unofficial application sites. Thus, they have access to the possibility of infecting tens of thousands of devices.

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Android apps containing Octo malware are thought to be:

  • Pocket Screencaster
  • Fast Cleaner
  • Play Store
  • Postbank Security
  • Pocket Screencaster
  • BAWAG PSK Security
  • Play Store app install

SOCRadar Can Help You Protect Against Banking Malware like Octo

Malware is known to cause millions of dollars of damage by accessing the bank accounts of individuals and companies. To avoid such attacks, it is necessary to download mobile applications only from reliable sources. Another issue is to be careful when determining what data applications will access.

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