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Mar 16, 2022
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B1txor20 Malware Exploiting Log4J Vulnerability

Since the Log4J vulnerability was discovered, some other malware showed up and exploited it. B1txor20 seems to take its place among the participants in this malware cluster.

Let’s take a closer look at B1txor20, which affects Linux systems and is thought to be still in development.

What is B1txor20?

A basic flowchart of B1txor20
A basic flowchart of B1txor20 (Source: Netlab

Discovered by Netlab, B1xtor20 is predicted to be from a new botnet family. Found that due to a DNS Tunnel warning triggered in the system, the malware opened a Linux backdoor to create C2 communication channels. It also has functions such as turning on Socket3 proxy, downloading and installing Rootkit remotely.

B1txor20 Generates Attack Vectors Using DNS Tunneling

Netlab’s article draws attention to the detail that four different B1xtor20 samples were detected. They all have more or less the same functions and work the same way. It establishes the C2 channel using DNS Tunnel, enables direct connection and relaying, and uses ZLIB compression, RC4 encryption, and BASE64 encoding to protect the traffic of the backdoor Trojan.

What are the IoCs?

IoCs of B1txor20
IoCs of B1txor20
IoCs of B1txor20
IoCs of B1txor20

IoCs of B1txor20 malware

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