Extended Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence enriched with External Attack Surface Management and Digital Risk Protection. Maximize the efficiency of your SOC team with false-positive free, actionable, and contextualized threat intelligence.

Gartner says: “Once they start looking at threat intelligence (TI), most organizations quickly find no shortage of TI available in various forms. The ideal is to arrive at the right “blend” for your organization.” Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services-2020

Why do you need an Extended Threat Intelligence solution?

Discover your attack surface
with External Attack Surface Management

Organizations need to have better visibility into external facing assets and services and the related vulnerabilities they may present. It is clearly not sufficient to have only EASM solutions to eliminate cyber risks. Rather, EASM technologies are advised to be a component of a broader enterprise vulnerability management strategy.

Protect your digital assets
with Digital Risk Protection Services

Enterprises are seeking digital asset protection wherever exposure may occur. The traditional focus on social media and the dark web is insufficient as threat actors proliferate sources.

Monitoring capabilities across all environments (cloud buckets, deep/dark web) are considered to equip the SOC team effectively. For a comprehensive DRP, services like site takedown and automated remediation should also be included. With a full-fledged DRP service, your organizations will be more resilient against DDoS attacks. 

Prevent cyber attacks
with Cyber Threat Intelligence

Conventional cyber threat intelligence solutions are for gathering and processing the information extracted from several sources. For the organizations, however, the value lies behind operationalizing and automating intelligence and integrating TI sources with other security related solutions to complement the organisation's visibility and knowledge. CTI is an essential part of the cyber security and is a very effective tool in preventing data leaks.


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Get more visibility
with 3rd Party Threat Intelligence

Cyber threats caused by supply chain/third-party organizations are getting even bigger trouble every day. Gaining visibility into the vulnerabilities related to an organization’s supply chain and third parties to support efforts around assessing the exposure possibility to the organization has become essential.

Enrich your Strategic Threat Intelligence

Intelligence, which is not a luxury, differs profoundly from data and information.

Organizations find themselves in a pool of data and information, but intelligence does not empower them. The lack of strategic intelligence results in the poor operational use of the data and information SOC teams gather excessively from different sources.

With XTI, C-level managers have a strategic outlook on cyber risks their organizations are most likely to face and have actionable intelligence to prioritize the necessary precautions.


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Social media risks

Know real-time current threats on social media such as exploits, data leakages or trademark misuse.

Unknown data exposure risks

Detect any piece of sensitive data belonging to your company across thousands of web sources.

Credit card fraud risks

Enhance your credit card fraud prevention mechanisms with AI-powered intelligence at scale.

PII protection and GDPR risks

Identify leaked Personally Identifiable Information (PII) enabling timely GDPR breach notification.