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Eki 11, 2019
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First Step to Zero Trust Strategy: Gain Visibility

Understanding the importance of Digital Asset Monitoring (DAM) is critical. Your adversaries spend the majority of their time doing discovery and mapping tasks to get the best ways for the attack. Therefore, to be one step ahead of any attacker, SOC teams must hunt for every piece of exposed data accessible on the Internet, no matter how harmless it may seem, because even an exposed email address in your adversaries’ hands can set massive cyberattacks in motion.

Today’s organizations own massive digital footprint across the Internet. Security teams must understand that footprint to secure it. Surely, from web services to social media to domains that may not appear on any official IT lists, your adversaries can easily find and exploit it if it’s on the Internet. Although much of that footprint may not be vulnerable to hacks, the very nature of the Internet allows anyone with the proper knowledge of how to find these entities, use them either immediately in an attack, or as a feasibility practice before starting their hacking operations.

The starting point to protecting your organization’s entire Internet-facing infrastructure is discovering your organization’s digital footprint. This is the process of understanding your organization’s Internet-facing infrastructure, as well as any accounts used by the organization or its employees.

Anything that an adversary can obtain online during the reconnaissance phase of the attack chain adds to the digital footprint map, and anything that is part of this map is likely part of the enterprise’s attack surface.

SOCRadar Can Help

SOCRadar enables you to look beyond your network perimeter. Breaches have more than doubled in the past five years, and the attacks have grown in sophistication and complexity. Unquestionably, the first step to achieve digital resilience is identifying digital assets. SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection Platform helps businesses automate and significantly accelerate this process through automated discovery, mapping, and monitoring.

To present your Digital Footprint, the SOCRadar platform recognizes a variety of assets, harvests data, and performs automated correlation. Data from your digital infrastructure involves almost everything that regards the Internet – Web sites, DNS records, domains, subdomains, IP addresses/blocks, SSL/TLS certificates, network services, content management systems, perimeter devices, hosts, so on.