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Oct 26, 2023
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KillNet Announces Launch of A New DDoS Service

During the cyberwarfare caused by the Israel-Palestine conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in cybersecurity, it’s paramount to stay updated on the latest threats to be alerted. Recently, KillNet, a Russian-speaking group that took a pro-Palestinian stance during the conflict, launched a potent DDoS tool with another Russian-speaking threat actor, CombatOsint.

Fig. 1. KillNet’s Botnet advertisement’s promotional image used in the Telegram post

What’s Special?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks made by KillNet are not new. However, what sets Killnet’s tool apart is its reported efficiency and sophistication.

Fig. 2. Killnet’s Telegram post about its latest DDoS tool

While the complete technical specifics of this tool remain undisclosed, several attributes have been teased:

  • Targeting Capabilities: This tool has been designed with precision-targeting in mind. It can allegedly focus its efforts on “unfriendly countries,” suggesting a geopolitical dimension to its use.
  • Ease of Use: Killnet seems to have streamlined the user experience, making it easy for individuals to launch attacks without requiring extensive technical know-how.
  • Pricing Model: Access to this tool can be purchased on a tiered basis, allowing potential users to choose from 24-hour, 7-day, or monthly access. This flexible pricing model indicates Killnet’s intention to make the tool accessible to a broad audience.

The Implications

The introduction of such a powerful DDoS tool in the market is concerning. If it lives up to the hype, businesses, especially those in the mentioned “unfriendly countries,” might have to brace themselves for a surge in potential cyber-attacks.

Fig. 3. CombatOsint’s Telegram Channel information card

Killnet’s new DDoS tool is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats. While it’s a remarkable piece of technology from a purely technical standpoint, its potential misuse is a significant concern. It underscores the importance of cybersecurity and the need for organizations and nations to prioritize their digital defenses.

Threat actor Krypton Networks, which provides another botnet service targeting large organizations such as Spotify, has started to take soundings of its followers about Version 3:

Fig. 4. Krypton Networks’ Telegram post about version 3 of its Botnet service

How SOCRadar Can Help Against DDoS Attacks by Monitoring Dark Web

SOCRadar is continuously checking Dark Web forums, Telegram channels of threat actors to find out most updated intelligence and inform the organization as a threat intel provider.

Fig. 5. Dark Web News page of SOCRadar XTI’s CTI Module (Source: SOCRadar)

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Fig. 6. SOCRadar LABS’ DoS Resilience Service (Source: SOCRadar LABS)