Leaked Large Databases

SOCRadar, the extended cyber threat intelligence (XTI) platform, continuously monitors hacker forums and chatters on the deep web and detects leaked databases with SOCRadar’s automated dark web scan feature. We select and display the large leaked databases on the deep web and darknet hacker forums and channels below.

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WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
apk.tw 2.4M Taiwan Mobile Application Store uid, username, password, email, myid, myidkey, regip, regdate, lastloginip, lastlogintime, salt, secques Sep 4, 2022 2022
exvagos2.com 2.1M Spanish Forums userid, usergroupid, membergroupids, displaygroupid, username, password, passworddate, email, styleid, parentemail, homepage, icq, aim, yahoo, msn, skype, showvbcode, showbirthday, usertitle, customtitle, joindate, daysprune, lastvisit, lastactivity, lastpost, lastpostid, posts, reputation, reputationlevelid, timezoneoffset, pmpopup, avatarid, avatarrevision, profilepicrevision, sigpicrevision, options, birthday, birthday_search, maxposts, startofweek, ipaddress, referrerid, languageid, emailstamp, threadedmode, autosubscribe, pmtotal, pmunread, salt, ipoints, infractions, warnings, infractiongroupids, infractiongroupid, adminoptions, profilevisits, friendcount, friendreqcount, vmunreadcount, vmmoderatedcount, socgroupinvitecount, socgroupreqcount, pcunreadcount, pcmoderatedcount, gmmoderatedcount, post_thanks_user_amount, post_thanks_thanked_posts, post_thanks_thanked_times, vbseo_likes_in, vbseo_likes_out, vbseo_likes_unread, invitation, caninvitation Sep 8, 2022 2022
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
Ggcorp.me 2.3M Global Gaming uid, username, password, email, open_auth, myidkey, regip, regdate, lastloginip, lastlogintime, salt, secques Aug 12, 2022 2022
Vk.com 27.2M Russia Social Media First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Aug 12, 2022 Unknown
Bookcrossing.com 1.5M Global Books Id, Email, UserName, Password, FirstName, LastName, ZipCode, CityId, StateId, CountryId, ReferredBy, ReferralMemberId, CreateDateTime, Profile, HomepageUrl, DateOfBirth, Newsletter, NewsletterHTML, NewsletterLastSent, NewsletterRemove, MemberContact, ImagePath, ImageDate, IsChapter, ChapterHeader, LabelReleasedBy, IsMuted, ModDateTime, ViewCWings, WishBookshelf, WishNotify, ForumSignature, JournalAlerts, IpAddress, Verified, VerificationCode, VGiftAlerts, LanguagePreference, FriendAlerts, ShowSocialButtons, AffiliateId Aug 13, 2022 2022
bet365.com 1.6M Global Betting username, mail, ip_addresses, password Aug 7, 2022 Unknown
slideteam.net 1.4M Global Online Document Edit entity_id, website_id, email, group_id, increment_id, store_id, created_at, updated_at, is_active, disable_auto_group_change, created_in, prefix, firstname, middlename, lastname, suffix, dob, password_hash, rp_token, rp_token_created_at, default_billing, default_shipping, taxvat, confirmation, gender, failures_num, first_failure, lock_expires, cid, uuid Aug 25, 2022 2021
freegame2017.com 1.8M Global Game uc_user_id, email, nick_name, password, salt, reg_ip, create_time, update_time, email_status, status Aug 30, 2022 2019
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
soargames.com 4.7M Global Gaming uid, username, password, email, open_auth, myidkey, regip, regdate, lastloginip, lastlogintime, salt, secques July 1, 2022 2019
goninja.de 4.9M Germany Gaming uid, username, password, email, open_auth, myidkey, regip, regdate, lastloginip, lastlogintime, salt, secques July 1, 2022 2019
tutu.ru 2M Russia Tourism first_name, last_name, phone, email July 2, 2022 2022
worldofwar.net 1.6M Global Gaming uid, username, email, password July 3, 2022 2011
Minube.com 1M Spain Tourism Email, Password July 12, 2022 2020
CDEK.RU 9.1M Russia Transport ek5_uuid, type, country_code, city_code, ownership_type_code, name, deleted, currency, ek4_id, master_city_code, subdivision_code, address_fact, address_real, phones, id, email, create_time, update_time, currencyCode, contragent_code, fns_registered_short_name, fns_registered_full_name, archive, cdek_id July 14, 2022 2022
Eskimi.com 1.1M Global Advertising user_id, email, last_sent_date, status, subscriptions, id, msisdn, operator, nick, bdate, sex, city_id, pass, bookmark_hash, banned_till, type_admin, lang, country, ref, referer_id, last_visit, created(NULL) July 16, 2022 2020
Hjedd.com 13.1M China Adult _index, _type, _id, _score, _source, avatar, cash_count, cert_professor, cert_professor_expire, cert_video, cert_video_expire, certified, certified_expire, comment_count, created_at, deleted_at, description, email, email_verified, famous, famous_weight, fans_count, favorite_user_count, forbidden_end_time:, id, last_login_ip, last_login_time, nickname, parent_id, password, pay_password, phone, popularity, role, sex, status, tags, topic_count, updated_at, username, video_status, vip, vip_expires_time, voice_status July 18, 2022 2022
famm.us 1.3M Japan IT Technologies user_id, family_id, family_accept, email, email_name, email_domain, first_name, last_name, nickname, sex, birthday, thumb_url, password, fb_authpass, location_id, country_code, language_code, device_id, status_bits, reg_date, inactive_after, is_active July 25, 2022 2020
T-Mobile 2M Germany Telecommunication first name, last name, address, city, county, state, zip, phone, carrier, gender, ethnicity, ownrent, latitude, longitude, Zone July 26, 2022 2022
Estantevirtual.com.br 5.4M Brasil E-Commerce ID, Name, Username, Password, Email, Address, Phone, Address July 20, 2022 2019
clf09.com 3.2M China Adult username, email, password July 29, 2022 2022
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
Adosushi.com 1.4M Thailand Shopping id, tel, email, lv_us, lv_wb, date, lv_seo, mobile, status, address, country, lv_data, lv_talk, lastname, lv_order, lv_regis, nickname, password, province, username, firstname, lv_banner, lv_course, lv_online, lv_upload, admin_mode, lv_contact, lv_product, admin_level, lv_download, postal_code, lv_firstpage June 7, 2022 2022
Brandi.co.kr 4M South Korea E-commerce Mber_No, Srvc_Gr_No, Mber_Sttus_No, Mber_Grad_No, Mber_Password, Pw_Type_Cd, Mber_ID, Mber_Photo_Url, Mber_Photo_Medium_Url,Mber_Photo_Thumb_Url, Mber_Email, Mber_Reco_Cd, Mber_Use_Yn, Mber_Regist_Datetime, Mber_Sbscrb_Device, Mber_Sbscrb_Type, Mber_Sbscrb_Cours June 8, 2022 2021
dnd.wizards.com 1.6M Global Gaming dates_of_birth, email_addresses, ip_addresses, passwords, usernames, website_activity June 9, 2022 2013
Desura.com 1.1M Denmark Gaming Email, Password June 16, 2022 2020
jdbbx.com 4.1M China Gaming Username, Email, Password June 17, 2022 2016
ducks.org 1.5M USA Weapon&Gun duuserid, webid, firstname, lastname, email, address1, address2, city, stateid, zip, phone, memberid, istemplogin, datecreated, lastlogin, password, ignorememberlapsedate, omitfromnotices, myduprofilemodallastshown, myduconfirmed, datedisabled, datelastpasswordreset, memberauthcookietransferdate, datelastvisit, forcelogout, isfieldeditor, lapsedate, iscmsadmin, b2cobjectid, b2crestapidate, constituentid June 23, 2022 2021
tnaflix.com 1.3M Global Video Streaming mail, username, password, ip June 25, 2022 2022
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
audiusa.com/ 1.3M USA Automotive SaleId, HouseholdId, VIN, SaleDate, DealerCode, FirstName, LastName, Address1, Address2, City, State, ZipCode, PhoneNumber, EmailAddress, VehicleYear, VehicleMake, VehicleModel, VehicleTrim, VehicleModelCode, BestMatch, BestMatchTypeId, Created, Modified, SalesType, PhoneLeadBestId, SpecialProgramCode, ReportedMonthNumber, ReportedDate, DataLastRefreshedDate, SaleOptionList, SaleExteriorColor, SaleInteriorColor, TransmissionTypeCode, BodyType, OwnerCompanyName, ZipCodeSuffix, DriverFirstName, DriverLastName, DriverCompanyName, DriverAddress, DriverCity, DriverState, DriverZipCode, DriverZipCodeSuffix, DriverHomePhone, DriverBusinessPhone, OnlineLeadId, BusinessPhone, TotalNetSales, DateKey_Created, FirstName, LastName, Address1, Address2, City, State, ZipCode, HomePhone, EmailAddress May 6, 2022 2021
Seat.es 701.6K Spain Automotive id, name, surname, phone, email, address, postal_code, city, gender, birth_date, bio, user_values, lead_values May 7, 2022 2021
makaan.com 2M India IT Technologies id, member_id, requirement_id, email, mobile, fullname, country, city, member_type, member_createdate, property_for, property_type_id, budget_from, budget_to, req_createdate, screen_status, bounce_count, subscription, subscription_date, db_type, last_sent_date(NULL) May 18, 2022 2015
elanic.in/ 2.3M India Shopping email_addresses, geographic_locations, usernames, social_media ids, phone_numbers, wallet_ballances, user_bios May 18, 2022 2020
mgmresorts.com 22.8M USA Tourism Dates of birth, Email addresses(NULL), Names, Phone numbers, Physical addresses May 27, 2022 2019
Bbgpoint.com 1M Global Gaming Username,Email, Password, ip, id May 28, 2022 2020
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
Emuparadise.me 1.1M Global Games email, ip, password, username April 1, 2022 2018
xfinity.com 617.5K United States Internet/TV id, name, adress, mail, password April 5, 2022 2015
redmart.lazada.sg 919.5K Singapore Shopping email, password April 7, 2022 2020
parkmobile.com 3.8M Global IT Technologies email, password April 9, 2022 2021
youthmanual.com 1M Indonesia IT Technologies pu_id, uniq_id, pu_full_name, pu_email_address, pu_password, pu_user_role, pu_salt, remember_token, pu_img, pu_signup_from, pu_signup_from_code, pu_sc_signup_with, pu_sc_apps_id, pu_sc_username, pu_type, pu_kabkot, pu_kabkot_name, pu_address, pu_birthplace, pu_birthdate, pu_gender, pu_phone, pu_noble_dream, pu_nd_done, pu_bio, pu_interest, pu_interest_id, pu_ekskul_id, pu_ukm_id, pu_prof_cluster, pu_leaderboard_score, pu_package, pu_package_date, pu_maps_done, pu_role, pu_is_internal_role, pu_desc, pu_desc2, pu_desc3, pu_desc4, pu_information, pu_facebook, pu_twitter, pu_line, pu_askfm, pu_ready_future, pu_prepared_future, pu_create_date, pu_last_login, pu_last_logout, pu_last_update, pu_last_reset, pu_reset_count, pu_is_banned, pu_is_active, pu_activation_link, pu_profile_download, pu_notif_tanyaym, pu_slug, pu_ext_token, pu_usreadiness_start, pu_usreadiness_end, pu_post_tags, pu_update_bio, pu_userapp_token April 12, 2022 2021
truecaller.com 29M Global IT Technologies number, carrier_Name, gender, image, address, job_title, company_name, email, website, facebook, twitter, tags, badges, score, spam_count April 13, 2022 2019
havenly.com 1.3M United States Design id, vip, username, name, first_name, last_name, photo, password, email, phone_number, zip_code, timezone, stripe_customer, referral_source_id, referral_source_details, role, support, created, modified, welcome_sent, likely_to_order, status, notes, preferred_designer_id, allow_reminders, allow_notifications, allow_activity_summaries, allow_newsletters, fb_id, source, medium, campaign, content, term, referer, landing_page, avatar, notification_email_sent, smooch_id, subscription_offered, subscription_enabled, discount_enabled, mailing_segment, international, partner_flow_id, dq_user_since, abandoned_cart_promo_sent_on, partner_user_id, airbnb_access_type, password_reset_id, password_reset_expiration, is_conversion_specialist_client April 13, 2022 2020
knifecenter.com 945.6K United States E-Commerce id, ordernumber, sourceorderid, email, sku, qty, itemnum, itemstatus, points, orderdate, unitprice, lastupdate, lastupdateby, notes, pointsconfirmeddate, password(NULL) April 15, 2022 2022
lotro.com 1.3M Global Gaming Username, Email, IP, Password April 15, 2022 2013
strongholdkingdoms.com 5M Global Games email, password April 16, 2022 2018
ycantho.com 988.8K Vietnamese Health user_id, email, username, ip_addres, password, salt April 26, 2022 2021
zepo.in 888.3K India E-Commerce id, store_id, email, password, created_at, updated_at, last_login, status, last_login_ip, first_name, last_name, address, city, state, country, zip, phone, date_of_birth, gender, fb_uid, fb_access_token, fb_email, fb_first_name, fb_last_name, user_type, marketing_news_letter, role(NULL) April 26, 2022 2021
Cheatportal.org 2.1M Global Gaming mail, password April 26, 2022 2020
1111.com.tw 3.8M Taiwan Jobs/Forum id, pid, pw, name, gender, dob, address, email, email_yam, mobile, mobile_yam, work, id_facebook, name_facebook, gender_facebook, dob_facebook, marital_status_facebook, work_facebook April 29, 2022 2010
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
vkusnyesushi.ru 623.7K Russia Food ip, name, password, phone, email, address, DOB Mar 4, 2022 2022
mibmglobal.com 101.1K India Education franchise_feedback,statusfranchise_feedback, view_time, franchise_feedback, update_date tp_status ,by_sales_man_admission, date_selected, subject_frcode, frname, frarea, fraemail, addedbyadded, ipsecid, name, country, city, mobile, email, password(NULL), browser, iplocation, course, query, date, time, genid, mailby, status, company, statusmove, assignto, assignstatus, vendorcode, language, franchise_feedback, ond_assign, reassignid, reassignstatus, reassignstatus1, reassignstatus, datetime,amount,netamt,third_assign,assigndate,finalcourseamt, finamamtrec, highlighted, pipline, dat Mar 5, 2022 2022
kreditplus.com 766.7K Indonesia Finance id, email, password(NULL),branch_code, gender, birth_date, education_code, home_status_code, job_position_code, marital_status_code, status, job_type_code, profession_code, ktp_no, full_name, legal_province_code, legal_city_code, legal_district_code, legal_village_code, legal_address, email_status, religion_code, num_of_dependant, legal_rt, legal_rw, ocr_id, nationality, birth_place, residence_address, residence_province_code, residence_city_code, residence_district_code, residence_village_code, created_at, updated_at, deleted_at, company_name, mother_maiden_name, residence_phone, spouse_name, spouse_ktp_no, spouse_birth_date, monthly_income, company_address, company_phone, company_province_code, company_city_code, company_district_code, company_village_code, econ_name, econ_relation_code, econ_phone, econ_address, econ_province_code, econ_city_code, econ_district_code, econ_village_code, personal_data_status, working_data_status, econ_data_status, spouse_gender, spouse_birth_place, spouse_mother_maiden_name, stay_since_month, stay_since_year, work_since_month, work_since_year, is_ro, register_campaign, register_medium, register_source, residence_rt, residence_rw, rent_finish_date, legal_phone_area, legal_phone, residence_phone_area, industry_type_code, monthly_variable_income, monthly_living_cost, month_first_omset, year_first_omset, first_omset_amount, month_second_omset, year_second_omset, second_omset_amount, month_third_omset, year_third_omset, third_omset_amount, company_rt, company_rw, company_phone_area, econ_rt, econ_rw, econ_residence_phone_area, econ_residence_phone, econ_company_phone_area, econ_company_phone, npwp_no, face_significance_value Mar 22, 2022 2020
jamesdelivery.com.br 833.6K Brasil Business id integer, email , provider integer,, auth , created_at , updated_at , role integer , encrypted_password , status integer , reset_password_token , reset_password_sent_at , latitude double precision,, longitude double precision,, pagarme_recipient_id , email_2 , has_accepted_terms , device_id , blacklisted , pagarme_customer_id integer,, verified_email ,, appsflyer_device_id , gps_enabled ,, gps_enabled_updated_at , location_updated_at , acknowledged_newsletter Mar 25, 2022 2020
gamerzplanet.net 883.3K Global Gaming email, ip, password, username Mar 29, 2022 2015
modbsolutions.com 24M Global Business address, city, name, gender, surname, zip code, email, ip, surname, phone, DOB Mar 30, 2022 2016
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
substack.com 1.4M United States App email Feb 3, 2022 2020
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
flashflashrevolution.com 1.5M Global Games username, email, password Jan 5, 2022 2016
ionpron.net 1.1M Global Forum user_id, user_active, username, user_password, user_session_time, user_session_page, user_lastvisit, user_regdate, user_level, user_posts, user_timezone, user_style, user_lang, user_dateformat, user_new_privmsg, user_unread_privmsg, user_last_privmsg, user_login_tries, user_last_login_try, user_emailtime, user_viewemail, user_attachsig, user_allowhtml, user_allowbbcode, user_allowsmile, user_allowavatar, user_allow_pm, user_allow_viewonline, user_notify, user_notify_pm, user_popup_pm, user_rank, user_avatar, user_avatar_type, user_email, user_icq, user_website, user_from, user_sig, user_sig_bbcode_uid, user_aim, user_yim, user_msnm, user_occ, user_interests, user_actkey, user_newpasswd Jan 14, 2022 2022
gamestop.com 7.5M Global Games name, address, card number, card expiration date, cvv Jan 14, 2022 2017
Adecco.com 7.7M South America Employment Opportunities email, gender, location, marital statue, name, password, phone number Jan 15, 2022 2021
elitemate.com 1M United States Dating Site address, city, name, ip, surname, phone, zip code, email Jan 23, 2022 2022
flexbooker.com 3.3M Global Booking email, name, credit card, password, phone Dec 28, 2021 2021
btc-alpha.com 1.2M Global Crypto Currency email, ip, password, username Jan 29, 2022 2021
disqus.com 4.3M Global Blog email, password, username Dec 31, 2021 2012
WebsiteSizeCountryIndustryDataPost DateBreach Date
exploit.in 6.8M Global Forum email, password, ip Dec 5, 2021 2016
proptiger.com 2M India Real estate Dates of birth, Device information, Email, Gender, IP addres, Name, Password Dec 21, 2021 2018
farmadelivery.com.br 1.1.M Brasil E-commerce Address, City, Country, DOB, Name, Surname, Password, State, TAX num, zip code, email Dec 22, 2021 2021
Website Size Country Industry Data Post Date Breach Date
Acxiom.com 280 M – 240 GB Global Telecommunication, Information Technology Address id, individual id, person first name, person middle initial, person lastname, person surname Nov 6, 2021 2021
Unknown 3 M Venezuela Pension System Cedula, nombre, fecha nacimiento, zurdo, id estado civil Nov 5, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 800 K China E-Commerce Country, isPlaceHolder, type, ownerId, roomId, registerSource, createdAt, clientType, province, upstreamId, id, rootCorpId, needCheckin, parentMeetingId, roomType, updatedAt, officeAreaId, corpId, fullMatchText, workflow, weixinUnionId, nickName, weight, isAdmin, activeToken, endAt, upstreamAppointUniqueId, memberSize, name, position, shortName, jobNumber, status, hasSonMeetings, heat, labelDeptName, namePinYin, city, roles, meetingType, content, searchText, peopleCount, telNum, fixedMeetingId, labelName, lang, disableSyncUpstrem, email, phoneExt, wxDeptId, beginAt, signOutAt, sex, userCountWithNew, parentId, bookingUserId, feeAmount, checkedStatus, version, smsNotify, showOrder, confirmedAt Nov 2, 2021 2021
Actmobile.com 45 M Global Mobile Technology User IPs, their device name, app they installed etc Nov 1, 2021 Unknown
Website Size Country Industry Data Post Date Breach Date
Unknown 1.6 B Global Information Technology Tld, domain, sub domain Oct 29, 2021 Unknown
Minecraft 44 M Global Game Usernames, UUIDs, username histories, skin and cape textures (no emails or passwords etc) Oct 29, 2021 Jul 2021
Unknown 2.7 M Yemen Telecommunication Phone number, name, address Oct 27, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 22 M Peru Telecommunication DNI number, full name, address, phone numbers and some other stuff Oct 25, 2021 Unknown
Crimecraft.mayngames.com 1.5 M UK Game Username, email, password (md5) Oct 25, 2021 Unknown
Brandi.co.kr 7 M Korea E-Commerce Emails usernames and passwords without salt Oct 23, 2021 Unknown
Customergenomics.ai 4 M Unknown Unknown Action priority 1, action priority 2, contact date end, contact date start, custid, m1, m12, m13, m14, m2, m3, m4, m5, m6, m7, product category, rundate, runseq, salesadvisorid, seg id, segment name, user company, user email, user firstname, user lastname, user phone, user title, cross sell, rotation Oct 21, 2021 2014-2017
Telmex.com 3 M Mexico Telecommunication Phone numbers, full name and address Oct 21, 2021 2021
Indianastrology.com 1 M IN Space & Science Email, password Oct 20, 2021 Oct 19, 2021
Twitter.com 6 M US Social Media ID, username, name, description, following, followers, tweets, media_count, favourites_count, location, created_at, verified, default_profile_image, default_profile Oct 12, 2021 2021
Unknown 8 M US Unknown Business name, mailing address, mailing city, mailing state, mailing zip, area code and phone, fax, sales volume, number of employees, public private company, location type, firm individual, credit score code, stock exchange, stock ticker symbol, web address, firstname, lastname, title, email, sic name1, sic, naics, ncci, ca wc, de wc, pa wc, mi wc, nj wc, ny wc, tx wc, iso cgl Oct 11, 2021 Oct 1, 2021
Unknown 984 K Mexico Mafia Mexican mafia databases Oct 9, 2021 2021
Livestream.com 24 M US Media & Entertainment Profile records with some socials, mails and timezones Oct 9, 2021 2021
Wildberries.ru 1 M Russia E-Commerce ID, name, commentary, phone, mobile phone, work phone, additional, phone, email, full address Oct 9, 2021 2015
Thingverse.com 2 M – 700 MB US Endustrial Mechanic – 3D Printing ID, mail, address, phone, date Oct 8, 2021 2020
Unknown 128 MB – 1.8 M Ukranie Unknown Edrpou, full_name, name, zip, region, district, city, address, phone, email, type, status Oct 7, 2021 Unknown
Zurich.com 527 MB – 4.2 M Global, Germany Insurance Personal information Oct 3, 2021 2021
Website Size Country Industry Data Post Date Breach Date
Iosfa.gob.ar 40 MB Argentina Government – Military Apellidos, nombres, estado, dni/le, fecha, de, nacimiento, sexo, estado, civil, parentesco, tipo, afiliado, grado, codigo, suc, calle, nro, calle, piso, dpto, tipo_rev, codigo, postal, localidad, provincia, telefono, delegacion, mail Sep 28, 2021 Sep 28, 2021
Epik.com 160 MB – 15 M US Ethernet Mail, pass Sep 28, 2021 Sep 20, 2021
Unknown Unknown Global Unknown One billion international email lists Sep 26, 2021 Unknown
Unknown Unknown Global Casino Unknown, casinos information, personal information Sep 25, 2021 2008-2021 Old collection
Unknown 33 MB UK Government First name, last name, address, county, postcode, phone, email, IP, source Sep 25, 2021 2021
Unknown 1.68 GB India Government Details include – bank code, active, level, control no, cc no_l7, pan, cardholder name, mobile no, city, firm name, first swp amount, second swp amount, income declared, email contact, proof 1, proof 2, type of Ac, mobile alerts Sep 21, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 180 MB – 3 M Germany Unknown Name, address, email, website, phone, fax Sep 13, 2021 Unknown
textback.ai 650 MB – 8.5 M US Real Estate UserID, externalID, fromPhone, toPhone, message, sentDate, sentTime, isRead, isDelivered, isStar, isOut, thread, threadNum, campaignId, dialogId, errorId, contactGroupId, extraInfo, campaignTitle, contactGroupName, replyIntent, replyKeyword, responderTitle, nodeId, name, note, failover Sep 11, 2021 Unknown
Unknown Unknown China Unknown Name, ID number, nationality, home address, mobile phone number Sep 10, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 3 GB US Unknown Personal information Sep 9, 2021 Jan 1, 2020
Unknown Unknown US Unknown WHOIS data Sep 6, 2021 2016
linkedin.com 1540 MB / zipped 5 GB Morocco Social media Personal information Sep 4, 2021 2021
Unknown 100 MB Israel Unknown Personal information Sep 4, 2021 Unknown
androlista.com 100 MB Spain Android Tech Mail, hash Sep 3, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 7.16 GB zipped  60 GB USA/Canada Reruitment and Team Building  Personal information Sep 2, 2021 Unknown
promofarma.com 517.22 MB zipped Spain Healthcare Around 4.9 million hashed emails, 4.9 million users, 2.5 million passwords (hashed), 2.7 million lines of security alerts for accounts, contains some plaintext emails and ips, 423k listings associated with accounts, 423k coupon codes (if you  want to get tons of free shit here you go), 471k ratings for products Sep 2, 2021 2021
Unknown 61.2 MB US Telecommunication _index, _type,id, _score, _source, id, first_name, last_name, gender, birth_date, tax_id, id2, id3, id4, address, city, state, postal_code, county, phone, email_addr, device_id, cookie_id Aug 29, 2021 Unknown
Unknown 263 GB data that includes 59 million unique US email addresses US Advertising Full names, home addresses, income/salary, house cost, amount of children, phone numbers, email addresses (some people have multiple email addresses), amount of pets, and a lot of other data. Look at the CSV headers. Note: There are no passwords in this leak. Apr 22, 2021 Unknown