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DNS Monitoring

DNS Monitoring

Gain Insights into Network Activity with advanced DNS monitoring

Stay ahead of DNS-related issues and ensure seamless online operations with SOCRadar’s effective DNS monitoring. Detect potential  security threats proactively for a secure and reliable web presence.

Comprehensive DNS Monitoring

DNS monitoring offers real-time insights into your network’s activity while adding a layer of visibility. By deploying SOCRadar DNS monitoring, manage and secure the communication between clients and servers.

SOCRadar DNS Monitoring includes;

  • Continuously monitoring all of your domain DNS infrastructure
  • Discovering, mapping, and monitoring your DNS configurations automatically
  • Creating alerts immediately when DNS records are changed
  • Detecting malicious dynamic DNS hostnames targeting your brand
  • Reducing the risk of malicious forgeries by monitoring the existence of SPF and DMARC
  • Detecting if you’re publicly revealing hostnames, subdomains, and other DNS records.
  • Detecting if you’re at risk of being part of DNS amplification DDoS attacks

Enhanced security with the DNS Record Monitoring

DNS refers to the vast information system that covers every site on the Internet and contains registration information such as IP addresses, domain names, and hosting details. DNS records are data stored in the Domain Name System that links a domain name to relevant data such as  IP address.

DNS record monitoring helps you detect any changes that may have occurred in the DNS records and keep updated copies of the records. SOCRadar DNS monitoring feature monitors auto-discovered DNS records and generates real-time email alerts if there’s any change in A, AAAA, CNAME, NS, and MX records.

Secure Your Domain by DNS monitoring

DNS’s widespread nature provides a desirable platform for threat actors to launch a wide variety of attacks. DNS monitoring can help implement DNS security checks, which facilitates the identification of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. With DNS monitoring, you can prevent a number of attacks, including:

  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • Domain hijacking
  • DNS Spoofing
  • DNS Cache poisoning
  • DNS tunneling
  • DNS flood attacks
  • Phantom Domain attacks
  • Random subdomain attacks

SOCRadar’s DNS monitoring feature enables you to stay ahead of all these Cyber Risks.

DDoS Defense: Secure Your Domain with Advanced DNS Monitoring

Monitoring the domain’s web activity is critical for DDoS prevention and mitigation. With the right DNS monitoring tools, organizations can often spot anomalies or malicious traffic behavior that signal a potential DDoS attack in its early stages. SOCRadar’s advanced DNS monitoring feature provides comprehensive insights into your network’s DNS activity, observes the distinctive traffic patterns & anomalies, and creates alerts.