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Tactical Intelligence

Tactical Intelligence

Understand attackers’ technical capabilities and objectives.

Uncover attacker tactics & techniques with SOCRadar’s tactical intelligence. Prioritize defenses & respond faster to evolving threats.

Empowering Cybersecurity with Enriched Data

In the dynamic world of digital threats, being equipped with the correct information is critical. SOCRadar’s Threat Feed & IOC Management page is crafted to empower cybersecurity teams with comprehensive and enriched data, serving as a pivotal resource in researching and combating cyber threats.

With user-friendly dashboards that allow professionals to tailor feeds according to their specific needs, Stay on top of recent threats, quickly search for indicators-of-compromise (IOCs), and benefit from seamless integration into your systems using the TAXII protocol.

Customizable Feed Collection

The threat Feed & IOC Management feature provides daily threat trends and indicators of the latest malicious incidents. All feeds can be filtered by category, including Attackers, APT Feed, Bad Reputation, Hacked Websites, Honeypot, Phishing, Botnet & Malware, Ransomware, and DDOS.

SOCRadar equips you with a collection of SOCRadar Feed Sources with custom filters. These custom collections offer enormous flexibility and allow you to collect related malicious data feeds in one place. Custom collections give you the opportunity to gather intel from various reliable sources or focus on a single source, like a specific threat actor or malware family, ensuring you catch any malicious updates they release.

Precision-Filtered Cybersecurity Intelligence

In the rapidly evolving and often chaotic world of cybersecurity, accessing relevant information is as crucial as it is challenging. SOCRadar’s Dark Web News page revolutionizes how you stay informed. It’s not just an information aggregator; it’s a sophisticated filter, meticulously separating the signal from the noise. This function brings you the latest cybersecurity news from hacker forums, private Telegram channels, and other hidden platforms where cyber threats often originate and equips you with information that’s not only relevant but also actionable, without the overwhelming bombardment of irrelevant, time-consuming headlines.

The Advantage of Dark Web News in Cybersecurity Strategy

The tactical Intelligence module provides valuable insights from Threat Feed & IOC Management, Dark Web News, Threat Hunting Rules, and Malware Analysis functionalities. Incorporating the Tactical Intelligence module into your cybersecurity strategy enhances your situational awareness and prepares you for proactive defense against potential cyber-attacks. By understanding the tactics and techniques of threat actors lurking in the dark web, your organization can develop more robust and effective security measures.