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Threat Feed & IOC Management

Threat Feed & IOC Management

Don’t be caught unprepared; leverage the power of SOCRadar’s enriched threat database.

Stay ahead of cyber threats with SOCRadar’s Threat Feed & IOC Management module. Arm your cybersecurity team with enriched data and actionable intelligence for a robust defense.

Empowering Cybersecurity with Enriched Data

In the dynamic world of digital threats, being equipped with the right information is key. SOCRadar’s Threat Feed & IOC Management module is crafted to empower cybersecurity teams with comprehensive and enriched data, serving as a pivotal resource in researching and combating cyber threats.

Intuitive Dashboards for Customized Threat Intelligence

Our module offers user-friendly dashboards that allow professionals to tailor feeds according to their specific needs. Stay on top of recent threats, easily search for indicators-of-compromise (IOCs), and benefit from seamless integration into your systems using the TAXII protocol.

From Diverse Feeds to Actionable Intelligence

By consolidating a wide array of threat feeds, SOCRadar transforms vast data into actionable intelligence. This enables rapid detection, thorough analysis, and effective response to emerging threats, fortifying your organization’s resilience against the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Threat trends

Threat Feed & IOC Management module provides daily threat trends and indicators of the latest malicious incidents. All feeds can be filtered by source or country.

Custom collections

Custom collections allow users to collect related malicious data feeds into one place. The collections are available via the SOCRadar TAXII server, which helps organizations easily exchange threat feeds.

Popular feed sources

SOCRadar gathers data from widely popular and reputable malicious feeds. With reliability metrics and details about the sources, users can see how trusted they are.

Threat actors

Attacker information is provided from many sources. SOCRadar’s dashboards provide attacker IoC information where the users can easily search or filter by source or companies.

Bad reputation

Millions of IP addresses are blacklisted due to being part of malware propagation, becoming a part of a botnet, sending malicious traffic, etc. SOCRadar’s Bad Reputation feed helps organizations identify these IP addresses.

Hacked websites

Besides external sources, SOCRadar also owns its private hacked website feeds.

Botnets and malware

What are the IoCs for botnet and malware command and control centers? SOCRadar’s Botnets & Malware Feed provides this information for cybersecurity professionals.

APT feed

Well-organized Advanced Persistent Attack (APT) groups leave breadcrumbs behind them. These breadcrumbs help organizations identify the APT group that may target their organizations.

DDoS attackers

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks harm organizations by disrupting their operations. The IOCs provided by DDoS attackers give valuable information to organizations to become the next victim.


Ransomware groups threaten organizations from many different industries and once attacked, it is very difficult to mitigate the consequences. SOCRadar Ransomware Feed gives organizations a chance to prevent ransomware attacks.


Thousands of phishing websites targeting both customers and employees are registered every day. SOCRadar’s phishing feed makes security professionals aware of those malicious websites.