Welcome to SOCRadar’s 2023 Brazil Threat Landscape Report!

Brazil, with its vast digital footprint and a growing economy, offers a fertile ground for cybercriminals. This report explores the different facets of the cyber threat environment in Brazil, providing a comprehensive insight into the prominent types of cyber threats faced by Brazilian organizations and the reasons why Brazil holds the unfortunate distinction of leading the world in certain malware infections.

SOCRadar Research Team delves into several crucial aspects, including Dark Web activities, ransomware attacks, phishing threats, and the peculiar issue of Stealer malware that plagues the nation. Each section uses the latest available data and expert analysis to shed light on the current trends and potential countermeasures. Understanding these threats is the first step toward a more secure digital future. By raising awareness about the specific cyber challenges facing Brazil, this report aims to contribute to the global discourse on cybersecurity and help Brazilian organizations better protect themselves against these evolving threats.

It’s essential to have a proactive, informed, and comprehensive approach to cyber security. By partnering with solutions like SOCRadar, Brazilian organizations can strengthen their defenses and be better prepared to respond to the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape.