Welcome to SOCRadar’s Germany Threat Landscape Report!

Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse and the fourth-largest economy globally, is a leader in innovation and industrial might. With a significant portion of its GDP anchored in a strong service industry, Germany’s influence stretches far into the cyber realm, making it a critical node in global cyber threat networks. This report explores the increased complexity and frequency of cyber threats Germany faces amidst geopolitical tensions with countries like Russia and China.

Our in-depth analysis is backed by a mix of proprietary and open-source data to offer insights into the advanced cyber tactics threatening national security and industrial integrity.

  • Dark Web Dynamics: An active network of 72 threat actors targeted German enterprises 444 times in 2023, mainly through database trades, emphasizing the need for robust data security.
  • Manufacturing in the Crosshairs: Manufacturing, representing 13.30% of cyber attack targets, showcases the sector’s strategic importance and vulnerability.
  • Ransomware Resurgence: Germany faced 388 unique ransomware attacks in 2023, with the country being a primary focus in 178 incidents

Unlock detailed findings and strategic insights to bolster your defense against the evolving cyber threats facing Germany. Stay informed and resilient in the face of advanced cyber attacks.