Welcome to SOCRadar’s Latin America Threat Landscape Report!
In recent times, as the landscape of cyber threats continues to widen and become more sophisticated on a global scale, businesses worldwide are facing an increasing risk of significant cyber attacks each day, and the LATAM region is not immune to this trend.
The SOCRadar LATAM Threat Landscape Report equips organizations with an in-depth insight into the evolving cyber threats and the potential risks that are unique to their specific geographic area.
By harnessing the latest intelligence on activities of threat actors in the dark web, incidences of ransomware, and phishing operations, this report is a crucial asset for organizations aiming to craft extensive security strategies, allocate their resources more effectively, and pinpoint their cybersecurity necessities. Through its detailed investigation of cyber incidents, SOCRadar’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis (CTIA) Team provides thorough research on threats from the dark web, utilizes open-source intelligence, and delivers an exhaustive analysis of threats.