Welcome to SOCRadar’s 2024 The Netherlands Threat Landscape Report!

The Netherlands, renowned for its progressive digital economy and strategic position in Europe, has increasingly become a prime target for cyber threats. As a leading hub for technology, finance, and logistics, the country’s economic fabric is intricately woven into the global digital landscape, making it highly susceptible to cybercriminals and state-sponsored actors. This report offers an in-depth analysis of the cyber threat landscape in the Netherlands, highlighting key insights and actionable intelligence to help you fortify your defenses against these evolving threats.

Key Insights

  • In 2023, 72 diverse threat actors targeted Dutch enterprises, posting 158 times on the dark web, primarily trading in database sales. This highlights the urgent need for robust data security measures.
  • The retail trade sector, accounting for 14.81% of dark web activities, emerged as the primary industry targeted by cybercriminals. This underscores its strategic importance and vulnerability to digital threats.
  • The Netherlands faced 186 unique ransomware incidents, with 62 attacks specifically targeting the country. This points to a concentrated effort by threat actors, demanding heightened vigilance.
  • Prominent ransomware groups like Cl0p, LockBit 3.0, and ALPHV Blackcat specifically targeted the Netherlands, indicating the high stakes and sophistication of cyber threats facing the country.
  • The widespread use of Stealer Logs in 2023 resulted in significant breaches, compromising critical data for thousands of individuals across the Netherlands.
  • The year witnessed 3,077 phishing attacks, predominantly targeting the emerging banking sector, spotlighting the growing cyber risks in innovative financial technologies.
  • The Netherlands experienced a landmark DDoS attack involving 23 vectors and achieving a maximum bandwidth of 590 Gbps amidst a total of 48,178 DDoS incidents. This illustrates the intense and escalating cyber assault landscape.

Why You Need This Report

Our comprehensive analysis is based on data from both open-source and proprietary intelligence, offering a detailed overview of the threats facing Dutch entities. By understanding these insights, stakeholders across public and private sectors can:

-Bolster their cybersecurity measures
-Mitigate risks more effectively
-Enhance resilience against future cyber threats

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