Welcome to SOCRadar’s US Education K-12 Threat Landscape Report, a comprehensive analysis of the evolving cybersecurity risks faced by educational institutions in today’s digital era. Our report dives into the unique challenges K-12 schools confront as they navigate the complexities of safeguarding sensitive data amidst an increasingly digital learning environment. The COVID-19 pandemic’s push towards remote learning has amplified these challenges, making cybersecurity a paramount concern. Our detailed investigation reveals the alarming rise in cyber incidents, the roles of various threat actors, and the implications of federal laws like FERPA and CIPA on educational data privacy. We also explore the strategies and solutions necessary to bolster the cyber defenses of educational entities. This report is essential reading for educators, administrators, and IT professionals committed to protecting our schools from the growing threat of cyberattacks. Discover SOCRadar’s expert insights and recommendations to fortify your institution’s cybersecurity posture.