Financial Institutions Data Breaches on Deep Web

As SOCRadar, we continuously monitor hacker forums and chatters on the deep web and detect data breaches related to the financial industry such as credit card leaks, employee credentials, customer databases, etc. with SOCRadar’s automated dark web scan feature. We select and display the top data breaches on the deepweb and darknet hacker forums and channels below.

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Top Data Breaches Related To Financial Institutions on Deep Web and Darknet in 2021

Date Target Leaked Data Attack Type Country Share
February 25 Localbitcoins
Two Vulnerabilities
2FA Bypass
Balance stability
February 25 Global insurance company offering financial services
Citrix Access
Not disclosed Global
February 24 Ministry of Finance of Ecuador
Customer data
Identity card and passport
6500 records
Not disclosed Ecuador
February 23 Myanmar Financials
Incorporation documents and ID scans of officers 120,000
Financial and corporate documents
Total 330 GB
Not disclosed Myanmar
February 22 Paypal
Paypal customer data affecting the United States
35968 rows
Not disclosed United States
February 22 Financial Debt Recovery Ltd
Sensitive data
Ransomware Canada
February 22 Gershon Biegeleisen & Co. CPA's
Customers data
Employee data
Tax refund and other very important documents
Ransomware United States
February 22 Agricultural Bank of China
Customers data
1,619,633 rows
Not disclosed China
February 21 Commonwealth Bank of Australia
ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group)
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
Network Access
Not disclosed Australia
February 20 Banco Santander
Phishing Spain
February 20 Citibank
Chase Bank
Network Access
Remote Desktop Protocol United States
February 20 Agora Direct
Customer Data
Email 13,200
Total 800,000
Not disclosed Germany
February 20 Paymentwall
Customer Database
840 MB 6,428,814 lines
Not disclosed China
February 20 The companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Customer Database
Not disclosed Bosnia and Herzegovina
February 20 A accounting firm that operates in United States
Network Access
Remote Desktop Protocol United States
February 20 Banco Pichincha
Customers data
Sensitive Information
Not disclosed Ecuador
February 19 Undisclosed Giant Private Finance Company
CAD (Cash Against Documents) base
Not disclosed Global
February 18 Kingsdale Advisors
Sensitive data
Data leak
Ransomware United States
February 18 HSBC Bank
Full access to most accounts
12,000 bank accounts
Not disclosed United Kingdom
February 17 Rudra Shares & Stok Brokers Ltd
Coimbatore Capital Limited
Mansukh Securities and Finance Limited
A C Agarwal Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd.
Ashlar India
Customer data
Client code
Client name
Mobile no
PAN no
Bank name
Account no
Group ID
109,000 Client
Not disclosed India
February 17 A fintech platform that delivers digital credit to Filipinos
User name
Email address
Device ID
Phone number
3,300,000 User
SQL Injection Philippines
February 15 Insurance Agents and Brokers that operates in United States
261,865 email address
Decision makers names
Not disclosed United States
February 15 International foreign exchange market Forex
Also 30,000 ID Card and Passport picture
Not disclosed Global
February 15 Wells Fargo
Chase Bank
OnPoint Community Credit Union
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
Santander Bank
First Citizens Bank
Bruteforce Tool
Software Global
February 15 Point of Sale (POS) company that operates in India
SQL Injection India
February 14 Sovcombank -
Full name
Date of birth
Halva card
3447 lines
Not disclosed Russia
February 14 A Micro-Finance company that operates in Nigeria
Access to the host panel and databases
Not disclosed Nigeria
February 13 Banks that operate in Africa
Access to Top Level Domain for internet banking enabling MiTM attacks
Not disclosed Africa
February 12 Federal Tax Service of RUSSIA
SQL Injection Russia
February 12 Universal Accounting Services Inc.
Data Leak
Ransomware United States
February 10 A bank that operates in United States
Control over 600 Point of Sale(POS) terminal
Not disclosed United States
February 10 Alfa Bank
Customers list
Not disclosed Russian
February 10 Russian Sberbank's Kazakhstan branch
7942 lines
Not disclosed Kazakhstan
February 10 A bank that operates in England
Network Access
Private banking bot
Software United Kingdom - England
February 9 Banco Pichincha, Visa Titanium, Diners Club and Discover
Customers & employees PII Data
Access to intranet systems
Credit Cards
SQL Injection Ecuador
February 9 Speckle Internet Solutions Private Limited
Source code
Not disclosed India
February 9 SETH Ransomware/Crypto Stealer update Browser Stealer
Fraud Global
February 8 Many Global Banks 3D Security Bypass Method
Chrome Addon
Fraud Global
February 8 PAYPAL Financial and personal information about customers
Not disclosed United States
February 8 A bank that operates in United States Access to online banking
Access via admin wp sites
Access to plugins
SQL Injection United States
February 7 Siam Commercial Bank Name
Mobile number
Date of birth
Passport number
Not disclosed Thailand
February 6 Credit card sale is detected based in the United States and Canada 500 Credit Card mix
Not disclosed United States - Canada
February 4 Privat Bank Database
Full name
Date of birth
Family status
Passport ID
Car availability
Viber presence
Not disclosed Ukraine
February 4 BBVA And Bankia Sensitive Data
Log Data
Not disclosed Spain
February 2 B2B and B2C sites that operates in Poland Sensitive Data
SQL Injection Poland
February 2 B2B and B2C sites that operates in Norway Sensitive Data
SQL Injection Norway
February 1 Payment company globally operating in Malaysia Sensitive Data
380,000 User record
SQL Injection Malaysia
January 31 Dave Inc. Email
38,713 lines
Database bcrypt:pass file with 185.101 lines
Not disclosed Global
January 31 A bank that operates in Portugal Network Access
Remote Code Evaluatio Portugal
January 31 Financial Education Company First name
Last name
Total 6,000,000 users
Not disclosed India
January 30 A bank that operates in Japan and A bank that operates in Australia Username, Password
Name, Surname
Country, Email
CCType, CCNumber
CVV2, CCExpires
National ID
IP 684,200 Employees
Not disclosed Japan and Australia
January 29 France POS Terminal RDP access for pos terminal
Remote Code Evaluatio France
January 28 A Bank that operates in Argentina and Computer Agency that operates in Tunisia Network Access
Remote Code Evaluatio Argentina and Tunisia
January 28 Brokerage Company CC name
CC number
First name
Phone number
Billing Address
Billing Country
5,000 lines
Not disclosed Global
January 28 VISTRA Sensitive Data
Ransomware Global
January 28 Amicorp Group Clients
Confidential data
Ransomware China
January 26 Cottonwood Financial Inc. Clients
Financial documents and reports
Contract scans and confidential data scans
Ransomware United States
January 26 A bank that operates in France Network Access
10,000,000 Customers
Remote Code Evaluatio France
January 26 A bank operates in Pakistan E-mail Access
Not disclosed Pakistan
January 25 Actuaries and Associates Sensitive Data
Social Security number
More than 2000
Ransomware United States
January 25 Kneip Communications S.A Regulatory reporting
Advisory services
Ransomware United Kingdom
January 23 Bancomer Mexico Database
Not disclosed Mexico
January 23 Central Bank of Bahrain Database
Not disclosed Bahrain
January 23 Banco Santander Database
Not disclosed Mexico
January 21 A couple of Banks that operates in Italy Network Access
SQL Injection Italy
January 20 Bahrain Central Bank CBB backup file
13 GB
Not disclosed Bahrain
January 19 Buddy Sensitive data SQL Injection United States
January 15 Barbizon Capital Secret data Ransomware Global
January 14 Andrews Federal Credit Union , Onpoint Community Credit Union , Santander Bank , Discover Bank ,First Citiens Bank , Bank of America , Barclays , BBVA USA , Us Bank , Us Hsbc , Chase , Royal Bank , Us Bank Elia Card , Capital One , Union Bank , Wells Fargo , Rbc Bank , First National Bank of Omaha , First Bank Card , First Us Bank , Huntington Bank , Tb Bank , Citi Bank , Alaska Usa , Cibc U.s , Pnc Banking , USAA , American Express , Macatawa Bank , Axos Bank , First United Bank , Wausa Bank , Fulton Bank , Unity Bank , Trustco Bank , Dacotah Bank , Tiaa Bank Bruteforce panel
Support for all separators.
Support for all types of proxies.
Regular updates.
Bruteforce and Checker tool Global
January 14 Bank of Shanghai Name
ID number
803.000 customers
SQL Injection China
January 14 Cre Credit Services Secret data Ransomware United States
January 13 A Bank Different Balance Sheet
User Information
Customer Data
SQL Injection Spain
January 13 Malaysia Forex Database
20,518 rows
SQL Injection Malaysia
January 12 Leede Jones Gable Sensitive Data Ransomware Canada
January 12 Cmc Consulting important information of the company
Financial documents
Bank documents
Ransomware United Kingdom
January 11 Total System Services Sensitive Data Ransomware Georgia
January 11 Rosenblatt Sensitive Data Ransomware United Kingdom
January 10 Commonwealth Bank Different Balances
User Information
Customer Data
SQL Injection Australia
January 9 Bank Alfalah Contain
User Information
Work phone and Mobile phone
Email and Fax Address
SQL Injection Pakistan
January 9 Bank of Communications Contain
16,791,320 Database
SQL Injection China
January 8 Indiabulls Housing Finance Bank files
Finance documents
Employee details
Ransomware India
January 7 Finalyse Company Data
Ransomware Belgium
January 7 DJB Chartered Professional Accountants Sensitive Data
Data leak
Ransomware Canada
January 6 Brain Paul Sensitive Data Ransomware United Kingdom
January 6 Lonrho Important files
Customer data
Employee data
Ransomware United Kingdom
January 6 Sky Leasing Customer data
Employee data
Other very important documents
More than 100 GB
Ransomware United States
January 6 American Bank Systems INC. Declarations
Access the online Bank
Electronic negotiations
Ransomware Abd
January 5 Forex Database
34,000 records
Not disclosed Global
January 5 Police Security S.a.c. Sensitive Data Ransomware Peru
January 5 Multiple Name
Loan amount
ID card details
80.000 customers
Not disclosed China
January 4 Capital Economics Email
Job title
Contact status
Not disclosed USA, UK
January 4 St James Parish Credit Union Sensitive Data Ransomware United States
January 4 A company that operates in Nigeria Network Access Not disclosed Nigeria
January 1 BANKIR.RU Customer Data
User Information
SQL Injection Russian Federation
January 1 IDFC FIRST Bank Personal data of clients
581 people totally
Ransomware India
January 1 Goodmanmintz Client accounting data
Audit results
Bank account passwords
Counterparty databases
100 GB
Ransomware Canada
Date Target Leaked Data Attack Type Country Share
31 December 2020 VTB Bank Name Surname E-mail Phone number Address 84,000 SQL Injection Russian Federation
31 December 2020 MTS Bank Last Name First Name Phone number Another bases 7500 lines SQL Injection Russian Federation
31 December 2020 Accordia User id User name User level User e-mail 1,254,425 Not disclosed United States
29 December 2020 A bank that operates in Spain IT services User rights In Network 2pk RDP Spain
29 December 2020 Global banks Credit card skimmer Encoder device Fraud Global
28 December 2020 Thailand and Malaysia Bank Data of their customers Account numbers Balances Phones and other info SQL Injection Thailand, Malaysia
28 December 2020 USA Bank Administrator access to Bank website WordPress located. SQL Injection ABD
27 December 2020 National Bank of Serbia Network Access Remote Code Evaluation Serbia
27 December 2020 Forex & Cryptocurrency Company Forexcrypto base 35,000 Not disclosed Global
26 December 2020 Two bank that operate in France and Poland Network Access SQL Injection Poland, France
25 December 2020 Amscot Financial Customer Data Ransomware United States
24 December 2020 Bank of Chile Employees Entrance to online banking on the site Customer information SQL Injection Chile
24 December 2020 Bank of Chile User data access SQL Injection Chile
23 December 2020 Global Credit card auto-delivery store Fraud Global
23 December 2020 Global Full name E-mail address Bank account type Bank account number Routing number Sensitive data Not disclosed Global
21 December 2020 Many financial companies The data are lists of customers and investors Not disclosed Global
20 December 2020 Navy Federal Credit Union Account login E-mail access Credit report Fraud ABD
19 December 2020 Banco Del Bienestar ID Address User content Phishing Attack Mexico
19 December 2020 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Account number Name Passport number Phone number and balance 100,000 SQL Injection Japan
18 December 2020 Financial institution that operates in the USA First and last name Address, Number E-mail IP Address Employer, Job title Bank account 10,000 Not disclosed ABD
18 December 2020 A company that operates in India SQL Injection vulnerability sale Fraud India
18 December 2020 Finance Company that operates in Germany Local admin user/pass RDP Germany
17 December 2020 Bank of America Wells Fargo BMO Canada Desjardins Bank Canada Bank logins E-mail access Full CC SQL Injection United Kingdom, United States, Canada
17 December 2020 A loan firm operating in the USA First name Last name E-mail Phone Address Employer 18770 records Not disclosed United States
16 December 2020 Middle East Commodity Brokerage Company Iran bourse Registration Form Not disclosed Iran Islamic Republic of
16 December 2020 Wells Fargo Paypal access e-bay access Amazon access File sharing access Account 600,000 RDP United States
16 December 2020 Global Websites 31,500 Cardable Site Finder Global
15 December 2020 International banking institutions operating in Europe and the USA Bank logs Paypal RAT EU, ABD
13 December 2020 700 companies that operate Globally Switch access routers ssh console control Complete information on hosts GEO Asia fortune clients Not disclosed Global
12 December 2020 Noble Bank Last name First name E-mail address Branch Number Customer Number Customer County 15,000 SQL Injection Poland
12 December 2020 Payment platform operating in Argentina Network Access Webshell Argentina
12 December 2020 Indian Trading company Network Access Webshell India
11 December 2020 Sber Bank Database 7000 SQL Injection Kazakhstan
11 December 2020 Wells Fargo, Sun Trust, Bank of America, Desjardins, Nationwide, National Westminster Bank, RCB Bank Fullz+CC E-mail access Customer Data Not disclosed United States, United Kingdom, Canada
9 December 2020 Germany Trading company E-mail Name Surname Address Clean text password 144,000 Members Data Not disclosed Germany
9 December 2020 Global Zero Day vulnerability sale Phishing Attack Global
4 December 2020 Kneip Communication S.a Sensitive data Ransomware United Kingdom
16 November 2020 Compal Electronics Sensitive data Data leak Ransomware Taiwan, Province of China
6 September 2020 A bank that operates in Chile Customer data User information Network access Webshell Chile
20 August 2020 A bank that operates in Chile ATM Access Fraud Chile
8 August 2020 Brookfield Finance Human resources Payroll Business plan 200 GB Ransomware United States
19 January 2020 A bank that operates in Chile Looking for an expert in google adwords Fraud Chile
6 January 2020 Liberty Linehaul Sensitive Data Ransomware United Kingdom