Welcome to SOCRadar’s Global Energy Industry Threat Landscape Report!

The Energy and Utilities industry, pivotal to modern civilization’s functioning, faces an escalating threat landscape driven by increasing digitization and reliance on sophisticated control systems. While playing a critical role in sustainable energy solutions and environmental preservation, the industry is also a prime target for cyber threats.

As cyber adversaries continually evolve their tactics, understanding and addressing these vulnerabilities are paramount for national security and economic stability. Despite a decrease in mentions on the dark web and ransomware attacks, the sector remains in a high-stakes battle against cyber threats, underscoring the urgency for proactive cybersecurity measures. The collaborative effort between industry stakeholders, cybersecurity experts, and governments is essential to safeguarding the future of Energy and Utilities against malicious activities.

This report guides on how Cyber Threat Intelligence and Brand Protection can help the Energy and Utilities industry combat attacks in critical areas, including supply chain risks. SOCRadar offers crucial capabilities to global energy industry, providing them with the necessary tools and insights to proactively monitor these hidden cyber threats.