Welcome to SOCRadar’s 2024 iGaming/Betting Industry Threat Landscape Report!

In the landscape of the iGaming and betting industry, cybersecurity threats loom large, with some recent high-profile incidents International serving as stark reminders of the vulnerabilities inherent in the sector. The sophisticated nature of cyberattacks, including ransomware and data breaches, underscores the urgent need for reinforced cybersecurity defenses. With attacks targeting both physical casinos and online gambling platforms on the rise, the industry faces significant financial and reputational risks.

The Gambling and Online Gaming industry, a sector that intricately intertwines large financial transactions and sensitive customer data, stands as a prominent target for cybercriminals. The value and accessibility of this data make it a goldmine for malicious actors. The recent surge in cyberattacks on casinos and online gambling platforms brings to light the industry’s urgent need for reinforced cybersecurity defenses.

This report guides on how cyber threat intelligence and brand protection can help the iGaming/Betting industry combat fraud in critical areas, including phishing, credit card fraud, and the sale of fraudulent gift cards and reward points on the dark web. SOCRadar offers crucial capabilities to iGaming/Betting industry, providing them with the necessary tools and insights to proactively monitor these hidden cyber threats.