Welcome to SOCRadar’s US Energy Industry 2023 Threat Landscape Report!

The Energy and Utilities Industry’s pivotal role in the US makes it a prime target for cyber adversaries. While the decreasing mentions on the dark web and the industry’s adaptive responses to global challenges are positive indicators, the continuous and evolving threats, especially from ransomware groups, highlight the need for relentless vigilance. Industry leaders must remain proactive, invest in continuous cybersecurity training, employ state-of-the-art defense mechanisms, and collaborate with national and international entities to safeguard the industry. The dynamic nature of the dark web and its interconnectedness with real-world threats mandates a forward-thinking approach, ensuring that the lights stay on, literally and metaphorically.

Utilizing SOCRadar’s Extended Threat Intelligence offering, companies in the US can guarantee a holistic cybersecurity shield, safeguarding pivotal infrastructure, confidential data, operational consistency, and adherence to regulatory standards.