SOCRadar® Cyber Intelligence Inc. | Introducing SOCRadar Free Edition

We launched SOCRadar Free Edition to equip growing startups with the same cyber security perspective and tools that only large organizations such as Banks can afford.

SOCRadar Free Edition is Platform-as-a-service and allows max. 2 users per company. The full feature list is as below:

  • Digital Footprint Discovery
  • Basic Incident Alerting
  • Basic Compromised Credential Scan
  • Fraudulent/Phishing Domain Monitoring
  • IP Monitoring

The only input information the platform needs is the main domain address of your business. Upon subscribing the platform, in an hour, SOCRadar discovers your internet-facing digital assets including domains, IP addresses, SSL certificates, websites, employees’ email addresses, network services, applications etc.

To get the most from the platform, better to take a look at the digital footprint and see if there is any unknown assets you were not aware of before. SOCRadar’s Premium and Enterprise plans with more comprehensive and frequent monitoring capabilities across thousands of data sources from Surface, Deep, Dark Web are also available to demo.