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About SOCRadar Free Edition

If you want to use SOCRadar to practice Threat Intelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and Attack Surface Management tasks without worrying about a license, SOCRadar Free Edition is the tool for you.

The Free Edition…

  • gives very limited access to SOCRadar Platform features.
  • allows a smooth upgrade to paid plans (Professional or Enterprise) without any hassle.
  • comes with restrictions and limitations about features, portal screens, and monitoring time intervals.
  • expires after 1-year usage.
  • is limited to 1 corporate user and 100 auto-discovered external-facing digital assets.
  • allows an instant search on ThreatHose for dark web forums, black markets, threat feeds, and more.
  • includes email alerts in case of a detected threat like a phishing domain, compromised corporate account, or a newly disclosed vulnerability.

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Why SOCRadar Free Edition?

It is a zero-commitment and free way to get your hands on the enterprise-grade threat intelligence and digital risk protection solution at your own pace. You will have an access to our SOCRadar portal where you can access incidents related to phishing, compromised corporate credentials, and sensitive data, weak spots, and risks visible to hackers.

Is SOCRadar free for you?

If your answer is “yes” for any of the questions below, SOCRadar Free Edition is not for you.

  • Do you have more than 1 user who will need to access the platform?
  • Would you like to monitor the external threats for your 3rd party suppliers or subsidiaries?
  • Are you a consulting company, system integrator, or service provider?

Which features are disabled on SOCRadar Free Edition?

SOCRadar Free Edition is not an exact copy of the commercial version. There are major restrictions and limitations in place. Some of them are listed below.

  • The continuous attack surface discovery and digital risk monitoring are disabled.
  • Deep and dark web source monitoring is not available.
  • API integrations to SIEM, EDR, NGFW solutions are not available.
  • The role-based alert receiver function is not activated.
  • Threat Feeds / IOCs are not available.
  • Vulnerability Tracking and CyberSec News screens are not customizable.
  • Restrictions on search via ThreatHose.
  • Auto-generated reports are not available.

How can I register?

  1. Fill in the registration form here. Please do not forget to register with your corporate email address. Personal email addresses will be considered as spam.
  2. In 48-hours, you’ll get a reply regarding the admission or rejection of your registration.
  3. If your registration is approved, you’ll get user account details right into your email inbox.
  4. Access the platform on with your login credentials.