Welcome to SOCRadar’s “A 100M+ USD Negotiator’s Guide to Surviving Ransomware” Whitepaper!

Ransomware attacks present a paradoxical challenge, akin to the complexity captured by Mahatma Gandhi’s metaphor of “shaking hands with clenched fists.” On the one hand, organizations must be prepared to engage with attackers in a delicate dance of negotiation, seeking resolution and the restoration of their systems.

On the other hand, they must remain resolute, guarding against capitulation and the potential encouragement of future attacks. As a seasoned negotiator with a history of leading negotiations in high-stakes ransomware incidents, amassing a cumulative experience with cases totaling around 100 Million USD, I bring a wealth of real-world insights to this intricate dilemma.

This whitepaper aims to unravel the complexities of deciding whether to pay a ransom, delve into the motivations behind ransomware attacks, and provide strategies for effective negotiation, all while navigating the treacherous terrain that these cyber threats present.