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Oct 19, 2021
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Countries More Affected by Cyber Attacks in September: China and Thailand

The APAC Regional DeepWeb Report, which emerged with the research of the SOCRadar analyst team, is now available.

Dark web incidents, hacker forum mentions, compromised credentials, and data exposure findings in the APAC region are included in the report.

What’s in the Report?

SOCRadar, the early warning system for information security, analyzes thousands of deep web resources every day, including hacker forums and social channels. According to the deep web activities targeting APAC countries between September 1 and September 30, 2021, the report includes information in the following categories:

  • Deep web mentions
  • Compromised credentials
  • Malware/bot-infected users
  • Highly critical data exposure results
  • Date of the latest exposure

Countries More Affected by Cyber Attacks in September: China and Thailand

According to the previous reporting period covering August 2021, the top two countries among the five countries where deep web sharing is directed the most are India and Iran, while China and Thailand take the first two places in September. In the report dated September 2021, India ranks third, Australia fourth, and Indonesia fifth.

Considering the intensity of deep web threats in APAC countries, an increase is observed compared to the previous month.

Top Deep Web Threat: Ransomware

In August 2021, 29% of deep web posts were related to ransomware attacks, but this rate decreased to 22% during September. Looking at the overall report, we can see that the worldwide trend is also valid for the APAC region.

After ransomware, data sales with 22% and data leaks with 18% in August, while data sales with 34% in September, which constitutes the most threat for the APAC region, was the case. While customer data constituted 65 percent of data sales, customer database ranked second with 18.6 percent and sensitive data ranked third with 14 percent. Customer data accounted for the majority (77 percent) of data leaks.

Top Ransomware Group Was LockBit 2.0

According to the information obtained in the previous month, the ransomware groups that attacked the most in the APAC region were LockBit 2.0, Blackmatter, and Avos Locker. The LockBit group is also known as the ransomware group with the most attacks in the MEA region.

“Unauthorized Access” Ranks Third

According to the September 2021 APAC DeepWeb report prepared by SOCRadar, “Unauthorized Access” ranks third among threat landscape with 14%. Among them, RDP constitutes 38 percent, admin panel 29 percent, and network 18 percent. And 16 percent consists of “other” access methods. In the previous reporting period, there was the same access method rankings.

States in APAC Region at Target of Cyber Attacks

While the top two sectors facing the most threats in the APAC Region are IT and government sectors. Manufacturing, E-commerce, healthcare are second, third and fourth most affected countries in September 2021, respectively. According to the report, the sectors that were least affected by cyber attacks during September can be called finance, banking and non-governmental sectors.

Other important topics highlighted in the report were as follows:

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