IOC Enrichment & SOAR Integration

Improving your security posture with actionable intelligence.

SOCRadar can help you improve your incident response performance through IOC enrichment which brings better and faster understanding of the potential threats. Within seconds, you can benefit from SOCRadar’s easy-to-use, big-data powered investigation tool – ThreatHose – for IOC enrichment and deeper investigation of threats. ThreatHose has proven-success in delivering intelligence in effective ways to major global organizations’ security programs.

Secure access to underground world

Gain secure and anonymous access to SOCRadar’s big data powered threat data pool for research.

Prebuilt threat tagging

To prevent time-waste and make the analysis and investigation process quicker, you can benefit from prebuilt tags on ThreatHose.

Unlimited access for your team

No limitation based on the number of analysts accessing the investigation and enrichment tool to support unlimited teamwork.