Identify unauthorized and malicious signs fast.

Monitor your essential IT infrastructure for threats.

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Keeping a watchful eye on essential internet infrastructure including domains and IP addresses can be challenging and time-consuming. SOCRadar can do the heavy lifting for you. Streaming a massive, trackable WHOIS database, SOCRadar allows you to monitor all of your domains while maintaining a up-to-date view of your internet infrastructure including subdomains and IP addresses. Through SOCRadar Portal, all of your domains with subdomains and IP infrastructure can be maintained and monitored as an important part of your attack surface.

Domain Asset Monitoring

Forgotten/unused domains

Auto-discover forgotten domains to prevent from being possible phishing website.

Auto-discover the related domains

Discover, track and map the domains associated with your organization.

Detect malicious signs

Get notified if your IP addresses are blacklisted for spam, malware or bad reputation.

Identify torrents/DHT traffic

Know immediately if your network appears to share or download possibly malicious torrents.

Prevent subdomain takeover attacks

Be wary of dormant subdomains not to face takeover attacks damaging your brand image.

Monitor WHOIS records

Spot early issues of unauthorized changes in your WHOIS information.

Auto-track the renewals

Get notified if your domains’ expiry times are approaching for unwanted surprises.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.