Sharpen your view outside your perimeter.

Get always-up-to-date view of your public-facing digital assets.

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Using an advanced, AI-enabled asset identification and classification algorithm, SOCRadar’s Digital Footprint Mapping enables enterprise security teams to automatically detect and view all assets and public-facing infrastructure including IP addresses, DNS configurations, network software, domains, and cloud applications, in order to mitigate exposures and threats, and to proactively prevent attacks before they lead to brand reputation and financial losses.

Find out and eliminate the blind spots in seconds:

  • Open ports
  • Invalid/expired SSL/TLS certificates
  • Publicly-found employee data
  • Outdated, unpatched technologies
  • Vulnerable JavaScript frameworks
  • CMS applications
  • Unprotected login forms
  • Shadow cloud services
  • Forgotten domains / websites
  • Domains registered by marketing department
  • Unattended subdomains
  • Dormant subdomains open to subdomain takeover attacks
  • DNS records list
  • Blacklisted IP addresses

Digital Footprint

Intuitive web portal

Find what you’re looking for with precise asset categorization and interactive maps.

Real-time inventory

Maintain real-time asset inventory through continuous, automated discovery.

3rd party assets

Scalable underlying technology to maximize the ecosystem visibility rapidly.

More SOCRadar modules

SOCRadar combines external attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to improve your security posture.